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April 23, 2008



I'm not sure pretentious is the word I'd use--that would imply that you are being disingenuous somehow. I don't get the impression you are trying to put on airs. However, it seems that this blog has changed quite a bit, not only terms of geographical focus, but it is much more photography heavy. I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing, but I do miss the narratives and reading about local eateries. I don't think that you should take the comment as a criticism, but more as a backhanded compliment. In the end of it all, its your blog.


Hi Reid
It's a pity that this guy/girl feels the way they do, but the bottom line is that it's YOUR blog - if you go travelling and want to write about where you've been eating, why ever not?? I think it depends very much on where you are reading Onokinegrindz from - if you are from outside Hawaii, then 100% Hawaiian eateries 100% of the time might not be what you want, but if you are IN Hawaii, it's obviously a different story. Bottom line is that you can't please all the people all the time... so at least make sure you please yourself!


Hi Reid, that's one point of view. Do blog what you want to, I enjoy your opinion on food wherever you may find it.


Just a comment from a local blog reader. I enjoy your blog a lot. My only complaint? Not enough posts ;-).

I enjoy the posts about local restaurants. However, I also enjoy the out of town posts. I disagree with the use of the word "pretentious" to describe your out-of-state blog posts. Is it "pretentious" because you travel? Is it "pretentious" because of the restaurants' out-of-town geographical locations?

Hawaii locals travel. Hawaii locals eat when they travel. Not unlike every other traveler in the world. I travel to a number of places that you also have visited and I enjoy these posts because it gives me a gastronomical starting point for my own trips.

I would ask the poster to use the standard dictionary definition of "pretentious" instead of choosing to erroneously use this word in a derogatory manner. There are surely more accurate insulting words to invoke.

I hope their post doesn't discourage you to continue blogging. I would be very disappointed.

Also, to the poster that apparently wouldn't own up with at least a name alias, if you don't like a blog, exercise your right and common sense to not read it. A blog owner does not have any obligation or responsibility to live up to any reader's (anonymous or not) expectations. There are no rules with blogging and you certainly do not have to remind the blog owner of any artificial guidelines that you nonsensically wish to impose.

P.S. I was looking forward to your blog about Citizen Cake.


The name of your blog is OnoKineGrindz. To me that means good food whether it's in Hawaii or elsewhere. Personally, I like vicariously enjoying restaurant experiences that I may never have and I really hope you don't take this reader's words to heart. I'm also glad you're blogging again.


IMO, do what you love. You're not beholden to anyone. It does say "Onolicious eats from Hawai'i and around the world" in your tag. I still enjoy reading this blog.


reid, you've always made it clear that this blog is about your personal food adventures, whether home or abroad. i think the fact that this blog has had such low output as of late (laughing. really laughing), and thatyou have been travelling a lot, has made it seem like you've abandoned local food when in fact, you just haven't gotten around to it.

i am just happy that you've not abandoned this blog altogether, so i don't mind whether you write about local kine grindz or not.


Well your tagline DOES say "...and around the world," so blog about whatever you'd like, I say!

I enjoy your local posts but I'm curious to hear if Citizen Cake is really All That, too; her creation on Food Network's cake competition was a disaster.


I don't think you should put your culinary experiences from afar on hold because of one comment like this.

Sure, our blogs are primarily about Hawaii food, but sometimes its just nice to post about other places. Restaurants from the west coast are especially relevant since Hawaii residents travel there all the time!

You take spectacular photos, and write nice commentary. I wholeheartedly enjoy your posts and take inspiration from them for my own food blog, regardless of location.

This site has more posts about Hawaii food than any other site I've ever seen! Dare I say more than the Star-Bulletin and Advertiser! You've been posting about Hawaii eats since 2004, so if you want to post about your experiences elsewhere once in a while, more power to you my friend.

This hobby of food blogging (or even passion for those like me) does exist only for foods at home, but all over the world. Eating is a worldwide stage.

Keep doing what you're doing, your fans and admirers are still here!


I'm sorry, but I have to agree with this comment. I too have been tirelessly searching through OnoKineGrindz for awesome Hawaii eats with detailed summaries and neat facts. However, the blogs have become infrequent, flighty, and to put it plainly...has lost its touch. I know the blog will make a comeback, I'm certain. But we're all just wondering...when?


I enjoy reading your posts, wherever they may be from! Keep eating ono food and telling me about it!


I'm in the same camp. I know it's your blog, but I'm primarily here for the Hawaii eats. (Love the pictures.)

I agree with an earlier post that a little more content would probably make everyone happy. How about getting someone to write about the evolution of Hawaiian eats, maybe getting a quick interview down with Yamaguchi, Wong, or one of the big wigs down there, as well as from the Zippy's guys, if you are running low on new places to hit.

Mama BoK

I never found you pretentious.. or anywheres near it .. Reid..! i just missed your regular posting alot. And it's just one person's opinion.. donch fret .. about it.


People need to chill out and do what they want to do, like jump in a ditch, your blog is put together nicely, the photos are out of this world, having lived in hawaii for a good couple years, I am back in mainland and my blog has lots of places I have traveled to, even though I live in Philly most of my blogs are from out of state, so keep on blogging, Da Philly Food Critic will be there to read them


Hey Reid - I agree with Jeanne and Santos; this is your blog, and documents your food experiences, whether at home or abroad(the "& around the world" part). I would say if they think you're pretentious in the negative way, than they're being presumptuous. Your approach, honesty, and content, have always been my inspiration.


I stumbled across your blog when I was looking for a recipe for miso-butterfish. I have to admit that while I have roots from the islands, my tastes and stomach care for more than just local grindz. While this may be for mere selfish reasons, I encourage you to follow your passions and keep us informed about good eats wherever they may be found.


Reid - Just cause you've been able to go to restaurants that most people only dream of doesn't make you pretentious. One of the reasons I got hooked on your blog a long time ago was that you treated all restaurants and all the people that posted on your blog with a tremendous amount of respect. Even though you don't post so many words these days, the respect you show to people and the food still shows. To me, this blog has evovled and changed and, hopefully, it will continue to. It's not your duty to provide people with anything and it's not your responsibility to turn people onto local grindz. I think it's interesting when people can appreciate different types of food. Just cause someone likes a mix plate, doesn't mean that they can't enjoy the the crazy creations you showed us in England. I, for one, am going to totally try Ubuntu based on your blog. That's a place I never would have thought to try if it wasn't for you and your wonderful blog.


Blogs as self expressions are as dynamic as the authors. Personally, I have enjoyed the skew in focus. It would be sad to see the blog stagnate. After everything, I hope that you continue to find joy in food blogging.

Curtis Otaguro

Reid, it's your blog, so you should feel free to review food from outside Hawaii if you wish. I think your blog is about sampling food wherever your travels take you and is a wonderful way of documenting it so others can find out about ono food from places they would never have known otherwise. Manresa, Tartine Bakery (you should try La Farine), and Citizen Cake is in my neck of the woods, so I would really enjoy those reviews.

BTW, the pics are great since a picture is worth a thousand words.


It is your site and you can do what you want, but I'd like to put in my 2 cents on how I've been using the site. I really did like the blog mainly because of the information on Hawaii eateries. It's the first place I check out if I wanna look for a nice place to eat or see if a place I've heard about is good or not. Or if I see a new post on a Hawaii food place, I'd really think about getting together with some friends to try there also.
Though with the posts outside of Hawaii, I just skim through the pictures, because chances are I'm never going to be there anytime soon and don't feel like reading the description.

But aside from that, one thing I'd really like to see is continuing evaluation of eateries you've been to and posted about. Sometimes when I read the older posts and see that they were made in 2005, I feel that the information may no longer hold up anymore because anything could've happen in 3 years. So, if you have re-visited one of those places again but already posted about a long time ago, a good update on it would be nice. :)
(Sorry for my blabbering, if you already do this and I just didn't notice.)


Hi Reid,

I find this conversation interesting since my alter-ego, Miz Gossip, just awarded BEST HAWAII FOOD BLOG--with the caveat that she wished you'd post more about Maui.
(See "Sidedish" at

I love your style and your excellent photography. I don't mind that you review restaurants outside of Hawaii, but I have missed your coverage of Hawaii-specific grinds as of late. IMO, Hawaii doesn't have enough well-versed foodies covering the beats here, whereas SF has food writers aplenty waxing philosophic about the Bay Area's top chef contenders.

Hawaii needs you Reid. Writers like you bring out the ono-licious flavors missed by too many people visiting or living in Hawaii.

Either way, it is your blog. Do what tastes best to you!


I don't believe the original post was a critisism as much as his/her reaction to how this blog has evolved. This was the first food blog that I read on a regular basis. The writer Reid has moved on to other facets in his life besides just local foods and places. Write what you want Reid, as more than a few people have stated here. As for the readers, read it or don't.


Hi Reid,

Your blog is still a daily go-to for me. Yes, you've been traveling a bit so you have reviews of other restaurants, but that doesn't make your site any less of a reference for me. I don't know what I would do without your archives! I do miss your commentary (more of it anyway!)...but I do understand that you may be busy! :) Keep up the great work.


pound more poi if you can, Reid.

And keep in mind that a blog (especially, a successful blog) does take on a life of its own.



After so many years of really pouring your mind, heart and soul into making a quality blog, it can get tiring to do the same thing over and over. Change is good. You gotta blog from where you are at the moment.

I don't know if you'd consider it, but perhaps there are other people who could contribute to Onokinegrindz, as far as doing the same kinds of local eatery reviews you've done in the past. That way content would remain fresh but you yourself wouldn't be shouldering the burden.


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