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January 13, 2007



Salty chocolate cookies? Do tell!?!? Chocolate is indeed a wonder food, blends with so many things!


Aw man, I was working at the Blaisedell all the day and never got to stop by for the Ward grand opening! I'll have to visit before going back to school in LA :)


This is my kind of post Reid!! Everything looks amazing. And salty chocolate cookies - what a great idea.


OMG IS IT FINALLY OPEN NOW? I've been waiting and waiting...but the last time I went to WARD, it was not open yet. =/

I went to their website. Their food looks good. *drools*


Hi Jo,

Got your email. I'll be sending a few things your way shortly! :) Hope the east is treating you well.

This was a bitter chocolate cookie that was very crisp with a few nuts mixed in. The salt (according to the folks at the bakery) is Himalayan. These cookies were just as good as the ones I got from Pierre Herme.

Hi Kathy,

Awww...don't worry, there's lots to go around. If not, I've been there enough times for you and me both (about 10 visits thus far!).

Hi Cathy,

The salt goes very well with the bitter chocoate and I find myself buying some of these EVERY SINGLE TIME. I need to learn how to make these. :)

Hi Yukari,

Yes, they have two locations open for now (Downtown and Ward) and will also be opening a shop in Waikiki.

Ward just opened on 1/13 so go and visit...let me know how you like it. I've tried almost all the desserts and like every single one that I have tried.


Reid, this series of pictures (especially the top one) is starting to remind me of La Tartine Gourmande.


Salty chocolate cookies?!

Wow, I can't wait for my next visit (hopefully, June)!


oooo.... Oh that DOES sound wonderful! Could you tell what kind of nuts? Or was it a mix? I dearly love bittersweet chocolate with bread, particularly the french bread I've been doing lately with olive oil. Exquisite stuff!

We will be looking for the box! Thank you so much! ::grins:: Mills has been trying to keep us in herbs and spices. Blessedly, I can get most of the noodles, shoya (Aloha brand no less!), and things like that I want. Just not the variety. And veggies are terribly blah and horribly expensive. I can hardly wait for my garden to start producing. Meanwhile, in a couple years, I'll be making hazelnut and pecan baklava from our very own nut trees! Talk about things to live for huh? ;o)


Green tea corone!! Oh, send me one, right now!!


They looks like tree trunks stacked up like that. The flavors combination is quite intriguing!


Grr...This place was NOT open when I was back home this Christmas! Commentary, Reid. Please!


Hi Nate,

Thanks for the compliment. To be compared to Bea...OMG! That means a lot.

Hi Debbie-chan,

The cookies are to die for. You really must try them.

Hi Jo,

Their website says almonds (I think), but I believe the woman at the counter told me they were macadamias.

I'll put a bag of these in the box for you to try! I'm sure you won't be sharing these with Mike or the boys!

Hi Obachan,

The green tea corone is another one of my favorites. It's rolled puff pastry with lightly flavored matcha cream in the middle. Not too sweet and really crunchy. I wish I could send you some, but I don't think they last more than a day. :(

Hi Bao,


I never thought they looked like that, but now that you mention it...they do!


Are you sure? The location at Harbor Court was even open on Christmas day (I know because I went in to the office)!

In any event, you have something to look forward to on your next visit home. By then, maybe the Waikiki location will be open as well.


hehehe... I do have an up in that department cause boxes have to be picked up and I can be REAL sneaky with the delivery notice!!! ;o)


There is a bakery in Malacca, Malaysia that sells millie crepe cakes. Aside from the normal vanilla, they even have a green-tea flavored one as well as one other flavor which escape me at this moment. If you do pay a visit to Malaysia, Malacca's definitely a place to stop by as they offer some rather unique local fare there. Some of the local delicacies include durian cendol, satay celup (it's basically sticks of fishballs/vegetables/quail's eggs/various meats that is cooked using the spicy peanut sauce that usually accompanies satay) and nyonya seafood laksa.

The bakery which sells millie crepe cakes is called Nadeje. I make sure to drop by every time I visit my girlfriend.


i hadn't really been interested in satura since i'd found la palme d'or... but now i've decided i have to pay them a visit --- just for the matcha corone!!! my sister went to the ward location early one morning to pick up a cake for her boss (the chocolate gateau) --- apparently, if you go too early, you won't have much of a selection. they don't bake on the premises, so things have to be trucked over...

Kichigai Kidz

Our Mom went to Satura Cakes to get us pastry since the line was too long at Ben and Jerrys.
KID D: I thought the mille crepe would be good since I like crepes but it was just so-so. Not as good as the freshly made crepes like they used to sell at the shop at McCully Shopping Center or on Sawtelle Boulevard in LA. I don't think I would eat it again.
KID T: My strawberry cake looked good but I was too tired to eat it and by the time I decided to eat it the next day, it was hard so my Grandma threw it away.
KID R: My doughnut was yuck (note from Mom - it was fried in olive oil which sounds as funky as it tasted).
MOM: The lilikoi cream puffs were to DIE. Very light and airy with a strong flavor of lilikoi. I didn't care for the regular cream puffs since the custard had a floury feel to it. The cream puffs are smaller than Beard Papa's. Also, I wanted to order a matcha drink but was told that they had run out of matcha (this was a little after 1:00 pm). The staff was very attentive, cheerful and friendly to all so I feel a little bad that we didn't care for the food.


hi reid! =)
i ended up going to satura one evening after meeting some friends for ice cream @ b&j's. you hadn't mentioned their killer sounding drink menu --- ZOKA coffee, hawaiian honey lemonade & matcha drinks?! i just popped in to take home the salty chocolate cookies & the green tea corone since i was full from the ice cream. i'll have to go back to try the drinks and some of the other baked goods. i loved the corone - the filling was good and the outside was really light (i'd expected it to be buttery like some of the ones i've previously had in japan), but it wasn't. i could probably eat a half dozen of those in one sitting! i wasn't too impressed by the cookies though --- they seem like old school icebox cookies i used to make in elementary school - kicked up a notch with the expensive ingredients... i also got a ham & cheese croissant to have for breakfast the next day. heated up in the microwave for 30 sec. & it was perfect - flaky, buttery and slightly sweet, balancing the saltiness of the ham & melted cheese. the texture was a lot better than a lot of the croissants you find in town (which are often pre-baked frozen stuff >.<)...


Hi Meeprat,


Green tea mille crepe sounds delicious! I was going to visit Malacca the last time I was in Singapore, but decided to go to Bangkok instead. I'll definitely have to visit Malacca next time though. Durian chendol sounds great!

Hi Renee,

The matcha corone is delicious. I hope you like it! I'm interested in hearing about how you liked it.

Hi Kichigai Kidz,

Welcome! Sorry you didn't enjoy the pastries at Satura. Maybe you have some favorites elsewhere? Care to share?

Hi Renee,

I'm glad you liked the matcha corone. I was also happy to discover that the outside wasn't buttery. :)

I haven't tried any of the drinks yet, but will do so soon. Let me know if you try any that you really like!


I never had the time to go because I'm always so busy with school that even my weekends were swamped, but I finally got to try some pastries from Satura Cakes! ^^

My sister often comes home with delicious pastries for me (specifically Beard Papa - she's obsessed) and since she knows I'm obsessing over the new cake shop close by, she decided to stop by there as well.

The desserts were expensive so at first she just bought the mille crêpe that you described. xD; So many layers~! And today, she just bought the mango corone and the mango tiramisu. *______* It was soooo good!!!

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