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January 07, 2006



I think I've had their food before in Huntington Beach. The food is good but it's always so crowded and noisy. There was a special on local TV about how the owner started the business and how he prepared his tacos with fresh battered mahi. Sure makes your mouth water for sure.


I've had their food before. Honestly, I wasn't impressed. I guess you might like it if you are into the California-Baja-Mexican type food, and I can't really say that it is Cali, it's mostly non-mexicans who go there.

Let me guess, they occupy the spot where Guacho Grill used to be?

clare eats

I have no idea about authenticity, but I know that it looks yummy and I hope it is!


Hi Reid - We've got Wahoo's here in SD as well. Though many people I know like the place, I find the food way over priced, and not very tasty as a whole. I've had more then a few really lousy fish tacos at Wahoo's, but as least they weren't as lousy as Rubio's.


Clinton, I think I saw that same special about Wahoos. :P


I think it may have been California Gold with Huell Howser on PBS here in Southern California. The featured owner was an Asian guy from Hawaii with long black hair. He tried to replicate another place in Mexico where he used to surf years ago. I was tempted once in Ensenada to try one of those fish tacos but didn't have the guts to eat anything there, especially off the streets. I heard it was no fun getting Montezuma's revenge...


Hi Reid!

I can't believe how much they changed the Ward area. Now we have 3 Starbucks within a mile radius. Chee! I saw Wahoo's the other day but you must let us know how it tasted!

Mama BoK

Yummy..!! way better looking than the ones i get from KFC Taco Bell here..hehehe!!


Hi Reid - The Missus stared at that picture of the Chips and said to me; "You mean he had to pay for that!"


I was wondering when they'd open a Wahoo's in Hawaii. They have them all over here in Orange County. I believe the first time I went to one was in 1994. They don't even claim to be Mexican food so don't get worried about whether or not it is authentic Mexican food. Of course Mexican is part of it but there are also Brazilian and Asian influences to the food.


Wahoo's will appeal primarily to mainlanders--transplants and tourists. I really doubt most locals will patronize the place, given the type of food, mediocre quality, and high prices. Whether or not mainland customers will be enough to keep this place afloat is questionable. I predict it will suffer the same fate as that Gaucho's Grill restaurant near the theatres.


Hi Clinton,

Long time no hear! I had the fish burrito and didn't find it to be anything special. I thought the fusion of flavors made this taste different, but it didn't really hit WOW me.


The spot that was previously Gaucho Grill is now Big City Diner. This is actually located in a brand new building fronting the Marukai 99 Store.

I wasn't impressed with the fusion style Mexican food...especially for the price.

Hi Clare,

I don't think it was meant to be authentic, but the menu did say that it was a blend of Brazillian, Asian and Mexican cuisines which I found interesting. Was it good? It was only so-so.

Hi Kirk,

I wouldn't go so far as to call this place lousy as the Banzai burrito was quite interesting. I would much rather say that the food is uninspiring.

Hi Kathy,

The Ward area and the Ala Moana area is changing really quickly. When I was at Ala Moana the other night, I discovered that they had already razed the entire block of shops fronting the shopping center to make way for the new Norstrom's store that will be opening up.

As for the food here, it was just alright.

Hi Mama BoK,

Looks can be deceiving you know. =) BTW...I haven't really been inside a Taco Bell in more than 10 years.

Hi Kirk,

Yeah, I guess I did, didn't I? Any on the menu, they said the chips were made fresh. These tasted like they were precooked, then RE-cooked before serving!

Hi Christian,

Thanks for stopping by the blog. I read on the menu that it was Brazillian and Asian influenced, so I wasn't expecting authentic Mexican, BUT for the price that I paid, I certainly expected more.

Besides, I spent 3 months in Brazil and I don't see the Brazillian influence in this food at all.


Yes, I believe you're right, but the funny thing about it is that these restaurants are located in places where there are tons of great taco shops -- California, Texas, etc. I wonder how they managed to survive all these years.



I wasn't too impressed with the place here in Huntington Beach either. Prices were high and the food so-so and like I had mentioned prior, very noisy. Haven't been back since. It's was mainly for the younger beach crowd since it was located next to the famous HB Pier.
The Ward area sure has changed since our last visit. We ate twice at Kua Aina's and once at Kakaako Kitchen across the street. Didn't get a chance to eat at Big City Diner since they were shut down for their annual Christmas party that evening. What rotten luck! The one in Kaimuki was closed too.


Had to chime in. Wahoo's originated in Costa Mesa, just a stone's throw from where I live and work. And like the others who've mentioned it, the food is bland. I don't like it much now. I never liked it much before either. But when I went there, I always ordered nothing but the beef enchilada, which unlike their fish tacos, had some flavor. The best part of the meal, however, is the sambal they have (you have to request it) for slathering your onto your food. This is the real thing! As an Indonesian, I'd know a good sambal when I taste it. It's actually got fermented shrimp paste in it, not to mention mashed thai chilis and oil. Other than that, it's just a hip place surfers like to hang out and not necessarily for the food. And I'm no surfer.


The blackened fish burrito looks like the fish had a fight with an octopus prior to being cooked! :)
Hmm maybe a place that claims to be a fish taco place should stick to making fish tacos?
I love black beans and rice and black bean soup.


I'm not a fan of Wahoo's, but I admit that they do make some good onion rings.

Will Lee

No way to all the comments - Wahoos rocks! On their charbroiled fish (they use ahi) it is fresh and they give you an ample portion in their burritos. Now the prices are like 1.5Xs what it was when I was in Cali, but it's still good. I wish they had a salsa bar but their fresh made salsa is pretty good.


According to the person who answered the phone, they use Wahoo or Ono.


Hi Clinton,

Well you are going to be surprised because that complex where Kua Aina was is going to be torn down. It has moved across the street to that new building that was constructed on the same side of the street as Kaka'ako Kitchen. =)

Hi Elmomonster,

WOW! I didn't even know they had sambal there. Otherwise, I think I would have asked for some. *sigh*

I don't think I'll be visiting again anytime soon to try it though. =(

Hi Rachel,

Funny thing is that fish tacos were only a miniscule part of the entire menu. What a misnomer if you ask me. I too love black beans and rice. =)

Hi Grace,

Thank you for stopping by.

I didn't have a chance to try the onion rings there, but it's funny how a taco shop would have good onion rings, right? =)

Hi Will Lee,

Welcome to my blog!

I have to agree that the burrito was quite large, but that said, I wasn't really feeling the flavor at all. I'm glad you enjoy the food here.

BTW...I asked if what kind of fish they used, and I'm almost certain that it wasn't ahi. I'd like to say that it was mahi, but I'll really have to ask again.

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for stopping by.

Wahoo? Now why didn't I think of that one? =)

Thanks for the information!


went to Wahoos twice in the last 2 weeks.

the fish taco was pretty good (to me at least) and the steak enchilada was really good.

the 2nd time i went, i had the burrito plate (w/the carne asada steak). loved it! the rice & bean sides are so much, i shared them with my wife & her sister since they both ordered tacos ala carte.

don't think my wife liked it too much though so i guess we won't be going back there for awhile LOL


I've heard Wahoo's wasn't that spectacular, either. But if you want some real Mexican food, that is very tasty and not "corporate" as this place seems to be, you have to try La Familia in Waipahu! Its so worth the drive and everything is so fresh and delicious! Try them out you won't be disappointed. :) The salsa is to die for!


Hi John,

Sorry about the delay in responding to your comment and welcome to the blog!

I'm glad you enjoyed the fish tacos at Wahoo's. I haven't been back since the last time I was here and was hoping to give them another chance. Maybe in a couple weeks or so.

Hi Lindsay,

Welcome to the blog!

Hey, don't believe what you hear. Try it out. You might just like it. I thought it was just a little too fusion for my tastes, but I'm inclined to give them another try.

Thanks for the tip on La Familia. If I'm ever out in Waipahu, I'll be sure to stop by.


they use quality ingredients that most Mexican restaurant don't. Good value. Most mexican rest in hawaii are filthy and overpriced . Wahoos is one of the best mex here.


I agree. I have had some very sketchy mexican food at hole in the wall places around hawaii. I much prefer wahoos...defintely the best because they use fresh ingrediants and keep the place clean.


You pegged this one right. Large prices, mediocre quality, not very big servings if you look beyond the heap of rice on the bottom. Horrendously loud bubble-gum rock music. I won't be back.

Hawaii has way too many lousy bogus Mexican restaurants.

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