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December 10, 2005






I get the "gee cheong funn" from 99 Ranch Markets over here in LA but a lot of the times I buy it from Chinatown at this hole-in-the-wall take out called Hong Kong Deli in a little alley. It's probably one of the oldest take out dim sum places in LA Chinatown.

My brother and I had a quick lesson in Cantonese when we visited San Francisco once and was corrected in describing plain flat white rice noodle as "cheong funn" or just "look funn". "Gee" means pork so gee cheong funn literally translates to pork or char siu cheong funn. It's funny coming a person who speaks no Chinese at all...ha, ha!


Okay that's it...Reid, I hate you.

Nah, Nah, just kidding brah! =)

God I'm hungry.

Mama BoK

Hey..Reid..!! that's chee cheong fun..!! yummy..!! my absolute morning favourite.. or when i donch want anything heavy for lunch. :)
or a snack.. :)
Nope.. can't get it here.. bummer..!!


Hi Cindy,

I love this place. I have to tell you that I'm here at least twice a week! I can eat maybe 2 or 3 pieces at a time.

Hi Clinton,

Long time no hear. I hope you had a nice time when you were here.

Actually, I was told that in Cantonese, the literal translation of the chee cheong fun is "pig intestines flour". Apparently, the name has something to do with the way the noodles look and not with what the fillings are. In Hong Kong, the steamed rice flour roll is more commonly known as "cheong fun". In Singapore and Malaysia, the noodle is known as "chee cheong fun".


Awww... =(

Nah, I understand. I'm going to be having this again on Monday morning. =)

Hi Mama BoK,

I like to have this for a breakfast with a little dark soy sauce poured on top. Mmmm! =P

I'm so sorry that you can't get this where you are. =(

I wish I could send some of this to you.


My grandma always picks up some funn for quick weekend dinners. We usually have it with Vietnamese grilled pork chops, shredded lettuce and cucumbers and a good spoonful of nuc naum. Fantastic!


Maybe its called look funn because the meat seems to be insterspersed amongst the rice noodles, whereas in cheong funn, its in the middle. Whatever it is, it alsways is a favourite at yum cha (dim sum) here. The hongkong chefs even put you tiao (fried dough sticks) in the middle of the cheong funn roll which makes it crunchy on the inside and soft outside. I personally love the beef and prawn ones best! But I'll take it anyway I can :D


always wondered what was behind that storefront.

clare eats

Love these mmmm
Have only had them with prawns though :(


Thanks for the info Reid. Yes we had a great time in Hawaii but never really got to eat at some of the places we wanted because of time constraints. I may have to go to 99 Ranch Market down the way and pick some of those "chee cheong funn" packages up this morning. Not as good as the fresh made stuff but it will do. Sometimes they will come in warm if I time it right. No matter since I'll heat it up in the microwave and add a little dark soy sauce and sesame oil for additional flavoring. Now my stomach is growling! See what you started?


Hi Reid,
The look funn looks interesting. The chee cheong fun we have in SG is quite different as the fillings are in the middle of the rice roll. But for breakfast, I like the plain ones as they aren't so heavy.


Hi Reid - I had to make that look fun - cheong fun adjustment when I moved to the mainland. When I ordered look fun, I used to get alot of fun(ny) looks....


hi reid, even something as simple and homey as cheong fun looks divine viewed through your lens...i adore it with char siew...



That is one of my very favourites for dim sum. I am so sad, because I want it so bad. It is a dish I have to order at dim sum. The one time I missed being served Cheong fun it was a terrible horrible day....;P


I bet that was the wisest and tastiest .90 cent investment you've ever made.


oh, the pictures look just so fantastic!! this entry really makes me feel good. i've never been inside that place before.. . as a kid, my dad usually tells me to wait outside, and next thing i know he'll unwrap it at home and i'd be eating it for lunch! thanks for writing about this place! i'm definitely paying this place a visit when i go back home in january!

FatMan Seoul

Just confirming what Reid said.

chee (or in Pinyin "ji") = pig
cheong = intestine
fun = flour/noodle

chee cheong fun = noodle shaped like pig's intestine.

In HK, they just drop the pig association and call it "cheong fun" or "intestine-shaped noodle".


Thanks Fatman,

I always wondered what the term meant. The lady in San Francisco emphasized that the plain white noodle was "cheong fun". No matter, it was all good.


You're right, I've seen this place, but never really taken notice. I'm gonna stop in. Thanks for the tip.


One of my favorite place!!!! Always a joy to go there. Just like stepping back it time. Some char siu look fun rolls and some chicken feet and I'm in heaven. Was going to say seventh heaven, but just realized I don't know what that means. Why seventh? Mmmmm...


Regarding the "sauce"...recently found and tested the following recipe from author Rhoda Yee. Think the sauce would be great with the funn rolls.

Breakfast Noodles (Gee Ma Wot Mein) -- (Chinese Village Cookbook by Rhoda Yee)
1/2 lb won ton skins (about 40 - 50 sheets)
4 tsp oyster sauce
1 tsp light soy sauce
4 tsp sesame oil
1/2 to 1 tsp hot sauce
2 tsp toasted sesame seeds

Cut won ton skins into 1/2 inch strips. Separate into individual strips.

Bring small pot of water to a boil, drop won ton skins into the boiling water and boil for 1 minute. Rinse quickly with hot water and drain. Transfer to bowl and mix the rest of the ingredients.

Serves 2


Hi Kathy,

I've never had this with Vietnamese food, but thanks for the idea. I think this would be interesting with pork chops! =)

Hi Rachel,

I'm not sure why we call it look funn here in Hawaii. I'm going to ask someone I know, who seems to be quite familiar with local Chinese food to see what he has to say.

As for you tiao, it's funny that you mention it. I have yet to run into them in Chinese restaurants here, but when I was in Hong Kong, years ago, and more recently in Singapore, I saw them everywhere. I wonder why that is the case.


Before I knew, I was really curious too. I never ventured inside because I could always here them speaking Cantonese from outside the shop.

Hi Clare,

You know, I haven't ever had these with prawns, at least not as far as I can remember. I usually like them with char siu. If not, then my obvious second choice is plain so that I can pan fry them at home.

Hi Clinton,

Chee cheong fun packets at 99 Ranch Market? I've never looked for them there. I guess they'd do in a pinch, especially if you had a craving for these and were too far from a shop that served it.

Hi Julia,

I'm not sure why the look funn is prepared in this manner, and I didn't have the opportunity to try the chee cheong funn when I was in Singapore. I guess that's something that I need to add to my list.

Now that you mention it, every time I've had this at a dim sum restaurant, the filling has always been in the middle. Hmm.

Hi Kirk,

Isn't that strange. Maybe it's a Hawaii thing. Who knows. I've sent an e-mail to a friend, hopefully he can clarify things.

Hi J,

Thank you!

Chee cheong fun with char siu is my favorite as well. I love how delicious the noodles pair up with the sweetness of the char siu.

Hi Milgwimper,

Funny thing is that as much as I like this, I rarely ever order it when I have dim sum. Usually it is one of the more expensive items. Maybe it's because I know that I can get this for 1/3 the price.

I think I'm going to have this for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Hi Jonny,

Nice to hear from you again! It's been a while. Yes, it's definitely a very tasty bargain and one that's worth every penny.

Hi Annie,

Welcome to the blog!

I guess you must have gotten my note on your blog about this place. I'm not sure if this is the same place your father visits, but it seems like quite a few people have visited this place before.

When you come back "home", I hope you experience the same pleasures that I do, each time I set foot through that door.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hi FatMan,

Thanks for the clarification. I guess my friend wasn't pulling my leg after all. =)

Hi Alan,

You're welcome. You don't know how many times I've heard what you said. Most people have no clue and have never bothered to set foot inside this place. I wonder why.

Hi Lance,

This is one of my favorite places too. I love the look fun in the morning for breakfast. I can normally eat a couple rolls by myself. Usually I have these with a couple of steamed bean curd rolls. Mmmm! I'm making myself hungry now.

BTW...I don't know why they call it 7th heaven...anyone?

Hi jmogosh,

Welcome to the blog!

Thanks for providing the recipe. It sure sounds interesting. I'd probably give it a whirl the next time I'm in the mood for something like that. Sounds like it would be quite delicious.

Thanks again!


Reid,I love that place, happy to see your post. We'll be in Honolulu on Sunday, yea! But first three days of eating in S.F. It is so dark and wet here in Juneau right now, I really can't wait. I have followed your posts since my last trip and have lots of new stuff to try. Poke shop and Panda are at the top of my list. Thanks, I would buy you luch if you are interested. Paul


Hi Paul,

Nice to hear from you again!

I'm glad you're looking forward to your trip to Hawaii. Good luck at Poke Stop and Panda. I'm not sure if I'd be able to meet you for lunch, but if I am able to, it's my're the guest after all.

Send me an e-mail when you have a chance.


oooo, now I feel like having some chee cheong fun. The ones you have are different as we only get the plain ones with sauce or the ones with filling in the middle.

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