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November 01, 2005



Nice find, I've never even heard of Shaka's. I need to venture more out of central honolulu!


not to be nitpicky, but i'm about 5 degrees latitude south of y'all.



Wow, a $7.00 cheeseburger with fries in the small town of Na'alehu!!!! Not even a double burger. I guess Shaka's cater to the tourist and not the locals. I hope it tasted really good at that price. BTW, great story about it been the most Southern bar in the US.


I guess someone in Guam who owns a bar/restaurant could take that "cool saying" away.


M-m-m-m that picture looked so good that my friend and I went out to the local hamburger joint down the street for lunch and we both had the double half-pounder cheeseburger specials. It was close to $15 for both and it included a whopping double cheeseburger, steak fries, and a soda with free refills. Talk about feeling bloated and full! Thanks for the suggestion...


I agree Clinton the Burger and fries look so tempting! Reid, did the burger and fried live up to the pictures???



I like eat one hamburger deluxe too now! Which fries tasted better? They both look sooo good.

Reminds me of the burger I just had in Seattle last weekend at a place called Herfy's Burger. For about $5.99, you get a burger and a DEEP basket of fries that could have kept four people happy and bottomless drink. Burger was good, but the patty wasn't as thick as shakas.


hi reid, it's past midnight here, i'm reading your post, everything is closed, and your pictures have just made me desperate for a juicy burger...


So Reid - Is this a "Tourist Trap?"


Hi Kathy,

Shaka's is actually located near the southern tip of the Big Island in a town called Na'alehu. I don't feel that it's worth seeking out.

Hi Santos,

OK! =)

I'll make sure they change their signage!

Hi Lance,

Overall, I found the food on the Big Island to be a little expensive and this burger, although it looks good, wasn't really worth the price.

I believe this place does cater to tourists who happen to see it. It is the first place you see on your way through the town if I remember correctly.

Hi Clinton,

Too bad the picture was not really representative of the food itself. When I looked at the photos again, I thought "Geez that does look good!" Too bad it wasn't.

Hi Milgwimper,

Nope. The burger didn't, but the fries were perfect!

Hi 808650foodie,

Long time no hear!

I didn't like the wedges much, so I thought mine were better. The burger here looked thick, but it really wasn't tasty. *sigh*

Hi J,

I wish this were a juicy burger. Sadly it wasn't. =(

Hi Kirk,

I believe so, but I did see some locals here. I guess there aren't very many dining options in Na'alehu. It's too bad really.



That's a damn, dirty shame--a tasteless burger. It sure looked good in the pics. Next time I'm in the Seattle area, I'll try the 1/2 lb. burger at Herfy's to compare. There's another burger place I've been meaning to try in Bellevue called Burgermaster. They still have car hops like the good ole KC Drive-In or Burgerland...ahh yesteryear.

Happy Aloha Friday!


You should have ate at the Na'alehu fruit stand. Cheaper and ono!
I lived in Na'alehu for 6 years and it was my fave place to go. Deli sandwichs and pizza.


Awww the really bites. I am so sorry the burger was a bust. At least the fried were good, but seven dollars for fries. :(


Hi 808650foodie,

It was definitely a shame, especially for the price I paid. The burger looked really good when it came to the table too. Too bad about KC and Burgerland huh? *sigh*

Hi Dean,

Welcome to the site!

I didn't eat at the Na'alehu Fruit Stand before, but I'll make sure to look for it the next time I'm in the area. I did eat at Punalu'u Bakery once before, and I found it quite expensive. This will probably be my last time eating at Shaka's too.

Hi Milgwimper,

It does...and I can't believe I ate the whole thing! LOL! $7.00 for fries...*sheesh*

shirley bolton

Sorry you were dissapointed with your meal at shaka's but we don't add any additives to our food, so dont't blame us for the taste of the burger, blame the cow it came from. We sell 85-15 burgers so mabe we should get more fatty ones for people like you. As for our most southern signage, when Guam becomes a state of the U.S. instead of a territory, they can say they're the most southern. And also, when Seattle can find me an outlet for the same priced foods they get, I'll lower the price of our burgers. In the mean time, you try paying our gas and electric plus all the other over head and see how much you sell your burgers for in Seattle. Sorry again for your dissapointment in our burgers but our only consulation is we have also have a lot of happy burger customers too. Oh and thanks for the publicity, we can use all we can get even if it isn't all good. Aloha, from Shaka's.


Ya know Ms. Bolton, I buy 85/15 burger and mine come out nice and tasty. A bit dry, but tasty. It's the cooks fault when the meat is tastless. As for advertising, I WOULD have visited your shop based on Reid's description. However, your nasty attitude has changed my mind. If I ever run to your neighborhood, I'll be sure to take a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!


Hi Shirley,

Thank you for stopping by the blog and offering your point of view.

As far as my own cooking at home, I normally use ground beef that has only 7% fat in it and have never had a dry burger...ever.

Besides that, I didn't feel that the burger had any flavor to it at all. When you say you don't add any additives, does that mean no salt, no pepper, no garlic, no NOTHING? If so, you should really state that on your menu.

Hi Jo,

Thanks for coming to my defense again...remember Baba Neo? =)

Everyone who visit this site owes it to themselves to have their own opinion. What I write here is based upon my own experience and preference and does not guarantee that you will have a similar experience. In fact, some people might enjoy dry, tasteless burgers. =)


OH yea, went by there yesterday in fact and thought of you! I just needed to let her know that in my eyes at least, she did her shop a diservice. And I'm sure there are lots of people who like food without flavor, just look at how many people dislike onions! ::laughing:: =oP


Hey Guys, you've already hanged me on the dry burger crime, could I at least have another opinion from antoher food critic. Who's game? Come on, even convicts get more than one juror. I'm happy for all the feed back. Thanks, Shaka's.


Hey, I'm not perfect, so don't be fooled into thinking I am. And trust me, I've made my fair share of umm... "culinary mistakes" shall we say? ::grins crookedly:: Besides, I can't digest burgers well anyhow. Physiological thing that. Those frys now... I would love getting my hands on those babies! How do you make 'em?

Years ago, I read an article about "The World's Best Frys" and supposedly they were cooked the "double dip" method, warm fat till cooked through, drained, then hot fat immersion till crisp. The fat used (this is kinda icky) was horse fat and was from around the kidneys. I've always wanted to try that... If I ever get rich, I'll do the world fry tour and start with Shaka's!


Hi Jo,

You went to Baba Neo? *shudders*

Yes...I know! I'm one of them remember? =P

Hi Shirley,

I'm just one man with an opinion, who cares what I say! =)

I'm sure you have lots of regular customers who think the food is just fine.

BTW...anyone want to visit Shirley at the most Southernly located bar in the US? She's giving you all an open invitation.


ACK! I didn't go IN to baba neo, just drove by the building!!!! ::shudders:: Fast Pizza is in the plaza and they are pretty darn tummy yummy. The place we get water from is just across the street. I think of you every time I see the sign... ;o)


A non-seasoned burger? What were you friggin expecting, gourmet? We had lunch there 2 weeks ago and are now back in PA. No complaints on the fare. Next time, get the opinions of the folks in the other 4 booths. What we liked about the area was the absence of the usual fast food joints.


One thing I recommend is trying the other menu items. Burgers aside, when I had the pleasure of eatting there back in May of 2005 I had the Mahi-mahi along with fries and found it delicious. I tried my friend's chicken katsu and I do believe it is one of the best I have tasted.

Maybe I'll try the burger next time I'm there in a couple of months, but it'll be hard to pry me from getting a full plate of that katsu. I do agree on the fries though. Wonderful!


I just returned from my visit and a group of us ate at Shaka's for quite a few evenings and the food was good and atmosphere entertaining! I suggest that everyone give it a try since it's "to each their own". Steak was good and the homemade salad dressings quite yummy! Mahalo...


Hey guys next time you are in Naalehu do yourself a favor and try Hana Hou just down the street and to the right off the highway. Real homemade bread and buns not to mention the crazy good cream pies and desserts. They really know how to cook.

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