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August 25, 2005



Hey Reid
I love your food blog, it's the best local one since the end of post of the Plate Lunch Critique -don't know if you local folks remember this site, which looks like doesn't exist in whole anymore - I was just wondering, how much do you spend eating out per week? I wish I had the luxury! ;o) Thanks and keep up the good work!


Reid - Thank you, thank you - one of my all time fav's Royal Kitchen! Baked Manapua - lup cheong manapua - you don't have to post any narration, I'd just love pictures. On my last trip home - I bought a bunch of manapua for my plane ride - the Missus forget them in the rental car, I just about died......oh the humanity!!!!!


No Reid, we don't hate it... :). But thank goodness for blog's feeders, all these blogs that we simply have to read every day!

clare eats

Well I do :P

I just can't wait for the gory details :)


Are those the Yik Lung shrimp chips? I use to love eating those when I was a kid!


For myself, kalua pig in a manapua makes for an excellent combination. Because the way kalua pig is shredded, before being served, works well inside a manapua bun. Because the usual fillings inside manapuas, is overly sweet for me, in contast to the smokiness of kalua pig which has few spices added to it. (The char sui pork in a manapua is a misnomer. Instead of "slices" of char sui pork, the char sui inside of a manapua is more like bits and pieces of char sui pork left over from the chopping block, then encased in its own molasses pit. Maybe that's was the orignial intent of a manapua to not waste an iota of food. But try dicing up kalua pig, and there'll be a riot in Hawaii. I would have prefered oyster sauce over the char sui filling to moisten the bun. Many might disagree to this characterization, of course.)

In praise of a kalua pig manapua, where else would you be able to get a byte-sized serving of kalua pig alone. Having said that, very few kalua-pig manapuas satisfy the expectations, at least, that's been what I've run across.


Hi LP,

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the compliments on the site.

To tell you the truth, I really couldn't tell you how much I spend on eating out, however, I will tell you that I eat out way too much. Maybe one of these days, I'll do a running tally. Maybe some where in my sidebar.

Hi Kirk,

The lup cheong manapua here is quite good. I like the contrast of the sweet, oily sausage with the bread. I'm glad you were able to get manapua here before you left. Any manapua shops out your way?

Hi OsloFoodie,

For some reason, I was checking your blog daily and it didn't seem like it was updating. All of a sudden I check and see three or four new posts. I left scratching my head and wondering where they came from!

Hi Clare,

The gory details are up! =P

Hi Mauison,

Thank you for visting my blog!

Those are actually not Yick Lung shrimp chips. Those were shrimp chips packaged by Royal Kitchen. These were not as shrimpy as the Yick Lung ones.


I agree with you about the char siu manapua. The char siu (or what is normally called char siu), is unnaturally pink and most often minced into the tiniest pieces. So tiny that you can't tell if they are actually meat or fat. I really like the char siu bao that you can get in dim sum restaurants because of the sticky sweetness of the char siu inside those steamed buns.

That said, I must agree with your assessment of kalua pork manapua as well. None of the ones that I have tried lived up to my expectations. The ones here, when fresh, are almost there.


Kirk--the best lup chong manapua locally....argualby from 7-11 (or whatever store they, themselves, get it from).

clare eats

thanks for the gory details reid hehehe

We get great Manapua here in sydney :)


Hi Reid - We got the manapua from Royal Kitchen - but forgot tem in the Rent A Car - so never got to eat them - I was crushed.

7-11,huh? I'll have to check that out.

We have alot of Siao-Bao - the Filipino version of Char Siu Manapua - too sweet for my tastes. In LA there are alot of places with "steamed buns" - Northern Chinese Style, the dough aren't sweet but savory - they come with ground pork, nappa cabbage, and mushroom fillings. I've grown fond of these - we're gonig to LA today - I'll pick up a few. And of course the Dim Sum places have their version.


Those shrimp chips look so pretty. Too bad they were not shrimpy enough.


Reid, that's because I just got my blogging groove back :). I didn't blog for awhile and then got started again.


wow brah! da buggah looks ono again, and da prices are cheep brah.da pork hash wen look especially ONO! Brah.......i stay homesick! no moa good kine food on da east coast....only meat and potatoes!

Big Bok

Isn't it cool.. to be able to buy just 2 siew mai..???
Way too cool..!!


Hi, Reid,

This was the one place we didn't have time to hit during our HI vacation last week!!

Looks soooo good, now I'm extra bummed I missed it!



I've never had lup cheong manapua at 7-11. I'll have to look next time. Thanks for the tip.

Hi Clare,

You do? WOW! I don't think I've seen manapua anywhere outside of Hawaii. You'll definitely have to do a post on it soon. Please...

Hi Kirk,

LOL! I thought you ate it, not left it in the car! BTW...did you at least get a bite of one?

Hi Obachan,

Yes, it was quite a shame because they would have been really nice.

Hi OsloFoodie,

Ahhh. OK, I understand now. BTW, I found a recipe for strawberry soup. Do you have any strawberries left?

Hi Kelly,

It was ono, especially the pork hash. You definitely need to come home to visit more often.

Hi Big BoK,

Hmmm. I would have loved more! =) But then again, I need to refrain from over indulging in certain things, if you know what I mean! *wink*

Hi Alice,

Yes, you should definitely eat here next time. I think I saw that you visited Chun Wah Kam, which is almost as good. The kalua pork manapua is usually quite good, I don't know what happened this time. You should definitely try that one when you're here next.


I used to like Royal Kitchen's manapua, but I find that they have really skimped on the size. I remember back in the 80's when they were quite large. I think the size now is about half of the size of what they use to be. I also notice the mouth feel of their dough just isn't same like it was maybe 4 or 5 years ago. Maybe they switched to a different type of flour or something.


Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for stopping by.

I actually only started eating Royal Kithchen's manapua in the last 2-3 years and have found the taste to be quite good. In fact, I would say that the manapua here is comparable to the ones sold at Chun Wah Kam, only slightly smaller.

Judging by what you have to say, I can only imagine what they must have tasted like all those years ago.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hungry AndOnTheMainland

Reid - The Royal Kitchen Manapua is 0NO- LICIOUS!!!!! Make me want some now!!! Do they overnight on Federal Express???


Hi Hungry AndOnTheMainland,

Thanks for visiting!

I don't think Royal Kitchen would FedEx manapua to the mainland. If they did, the cost would be outrageous depending on where you lived. I send something overnight before and a small box that was about 4 pounds was $40 for shipping (I think). Is it worth it? =P


i love the chow funn, pork hash, and kalua pig manapua!!! :)


I am trying to find a recipe about a Char sui baked product that I enjoyed in Singapore.

I always called it Char Sui so but I think I am spelling the "so" part wrong.

Do you have any ideas. The crust is sweet and flakey.

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