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August 23, 2005


Transparent Reality

Woah, funky decor! Sure is colorful.

That mini General's Chicken is pretty cute.



That has got to be the most cheerfully-colored restaurant I've seen in ages. Plus, the chicken and friend rice look mighty tempting to me.

Big BoK

Not that mini eh.. Reid.. :)
Would be a good meal for me.. :)


i donno brah....da fried rice no look dat ono brah....but da chicken does!


plus whea da mac salad brah? at least cabbage or someting ....da kine broccoli just doesn't cut it brah!


I had a plate before climbing Diamond Head, couple years back and was worried it was gonna be too heavy but it was perfect. 2 Slices of Spam, I egg and 1 scoop of Rice. Oh I forgot the Tabasco shots.


sounds like one spam locco brah!


those sauce glistening on the chicken pieces... oh dear i think i've sauce fetish hahaha


Reid - Not to jump to conclusions, since you haven't finished the review yet - but though the General Tso's Chicken looks pretty good - looks too close to Panda Express for me.


I second your opinion Kirk. Here in the SF Bay Area, we're bombarded with L&L knock-offs called Ono Hawaiian BBQ or J&J or Hawaiian Drive Inn. Unfortunately, these folks are all pakes from China...nothing wrong with that but no mo' da aloha no taste da same. I guess I can't complain..better than my brother in mo nothing! ;-)

Sad statement that an L&L can't make it in Hawaii, but I never really thought of L&L as the best plate lunch. There are better options...


Here in San Diego it's the same, lot's of Hawaiian BBQ's. The funniest thing is that a new L&L opened up - right next to a Starbucks! How appropriate!

Reid - Please tell me you were trying to be healthy with that broccoli thing!!! That 'M' sure looks like the Golden Arches!!!


Hi Allen,

The decor was actually pretty bright, but also quite generic. I think my photo made it more glamous than it actually was.

The mini plates are actually regular sized servings for normal people. The regular plates are normal sized servings for those of us in Hawaii used to eating way too much food in one sitting!

Hi Midge,

The orange and yellow color scheme does make it seems quite bright and cheerful. The new pendant lamps that the restaurant has, adds a sort of faux designer touch to it all. The fried rice was typically so-so, as was the chicken. *sigh*

Hi Big BoK,

Not that mini is right. You could probably eat that and feel full afterwards. I normally do. When I get the regular sized plates, I normally feel stuffed after eating it all...that is, if I can finish the whole plate.

Eh Kelly,

Da fried rice wasn't dat ono. Bummahs... Yeah, too bad nevah have some mac salad fo go wit dis. heh.

Hi Gia,

Sounds like you had a typical local-style breakfast. Sounds kinda light to me. Next time you should try a loco moco. Substitute a hamburger patty for the Spam, and then cover the whole thing in brown gravy. Bet you wouldnn't feel like hiking after that. =)

Eh Kelly,

Spam loco sounds good right about now. heh.

Hi babe_kl,

The picture does look nice doesn't it? Too bad it didn't taste as good as it looked. =(

Hi Kirk,

Way too close to Panda's, but I have to say that Panda's would have probably tasted better. So I guess you know what that means right?

Hi 808650foodie,

Well, this L & L was around for a long time. I was told that the manager of this shop purchased the store from the owners just recently. Apparently, L & L is going strong here in the Islands, and it was announced in the papers that all of the L & L Drive Inns are going to be rebranded as L & L Hawaiian Barbecues. Not bad for a local company.

I have to agree though that the plate lunches here aren't the greatest, but like Starbucks, they are everywhere in the Islands. The convenience, as well as the price, makes this a good option for many people.

Hi Kirk,

I actually didn't have a choice with the broccoli. It came with the plate. Besides, who am I to eat healthy!

When I first saw the arched M, I thought the same thing as well. hmmmmm.

clare eats

Hey! I like broccoli :P :P
I bet it tasted better than that pallid, scratch that squalid looking fried rice! OMG whata shocka...

well if you are going to get all hawaian on me.... :)


::rolls her eyes and pats Clare on the shoulder:: Good shot girlie. I think we "outsiders" need to get a book to do it right... ::wink::


Give credit to L&L for "Starbucking" the Plate Lunch. They are convenient and for the most part consistent in quality. Here on the West Coast, more competitors are coming in to challenge L&L. Too bad we don't have Lemon Chicken plate in SF. That differentiated L&L from the other places in Hawaii.


Hey, Reid. Do you have any idea what happened to Myong's, the little Korean place that used to be in the shack across the parking lot from that L&L? I'm wondering if they're gone for good or if they relocated or what.


brah.....I stay waiting fo one ono plae lunch place on da East Coast. I live in Virginia...about an hour out of D.C. BraH ....haole food foa miles!


Hi Clare,

I happen to love broccoli too and yes, the fried rice was pretty sorry.

Hawaiian? I'm not Hawaiian! LOL!

Hi Jo,

Outsiders? Whoever made you feel that way? Remember, we're all like family here right?

Hi 808650foodie,

Yes, if anything, we have to give credit to L & L for that. By the way, I heard they have over 100 stores across the country now. Big change from one small store in 1976.

Hi Ryan,

Hmmm. Let me check on it for you. The next time I eat here, I ask one of the cooks and see if he knows.

Hi Kelly,

Maybe you can open up a plate lunch place there...or maybe you can convince L & L's to open one.


::laughing:: I only feel like an outsider when I have to clarify the meaning of some of the "lingo" ::wink::


Hi Jo,

OK. *wink* =)

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