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August 03, 2005



Hey Reid - Looks great! When I lived back home I used to make ice cream too - but it never looked as good as yours.


i really wished we could easily get berries over here in KL. those on sale here cost a bomb and they're usual tart rather than sweet :(


This looks and sounds amazing! I'm so jealous that you have access to Meyer lemons, and I haven't been able to find fresh blueberries here, either. I wonder if anyone grows them in the U.K.? We make do with frozen for pancakes and muffins, and they're pretty good, but I'll have to hold onto this recipe for when we can get fresh again.


Now you come out with this recipe! ;) When almost all my blueberries are gone... maybe next year. Funny thing is blueberry ice cream never occurred to me until yesterday. Someone at work made some and brought it in. Well, yours looks amazing and I'll definitely have to keep this in mind for next year!


Hi Kirk,

Thanks for the compliment. I haven't been making ice cream for too long, but I found that once you get a few really good base recipes down, all you need to do is change the "add ins". This one was very refreshing.

Hi babe_kl,

I'm sorry that you really can't get fresh blueberries in KL. Don't worry though, I really have a hard time getting fresh durian and fresh mangosteens here! I think I'd much rather have those than blueberries.

Hi Moira,

Thank you! What I'd really like is some fresh WILD blueberries. I heard they taste way better than cultivated ones. Meyer lemons aren't really easy to come by here either. I can usually get them at Down to Earth (organic), or Foodland, if I'm lucky. In a pinch, you can make this ice cream using frozen blueberries as long as it's a whole berry and not the ones that are frozen in syrup.

Hi Cathy,

So sorry. =(

It was actually on my mind as something to tell you about. I'm glad you found a use for all those delicious blueberries you had from that bush of yours. Can't wait to see what you do with them next year! =)

Thanks for the compliment!


It's 25 degrees C today in Oslo, that is warm for me ;) and this blueberry ice cream photo certainly looks cooling. My ice cream maker has not been used in years, such a pity. So I'm thinking of making this ice cream too, thanks for the recipe, Reid.


That ice cream looks so refreshing, and I might have to try it sometime. Well hmm do I know anyone with an icecream maker *wink wink nudge nudge Jo* I am saving this recipe thanks Reid!

Monkey Gland

Ok. Ok. I'm convinced. I'll dust off the ice-cream maker.


Looks very refreshing Reid.


oh Reid, you know the way straight to my heart! that ice cream looks delicious! what kind of machine do you have?


You know, blueberries are members of the NightShade family. If you can grow tomatoes, you can grow blueberries. I have 6 plants and got enough fruit in a single picking for a pie! Maybe if you can't locate seed, we could arrange a mailing? The seeds are tiny and would do just fine in a regular envelope.


That looks so yummy!

You know what's weird? I was reading this at work and eating breakfast. Guess what it was . . . yup, blueberries from Costco! I was literally putting a few in my mouth when I pulled up your blog.

Yes, it's been really hot here lately. Thank God it's raining today. Hopefully it'll cool things off.

If you get a chance, I had the most amazing chocolate orange ice cream at Bubbies this past weekend. So good, I went back and bought a quart. =)


Hey Reid,
That bowl of ice-cream simply screams my name. :) They look really gorgeous. With so many people making their own ice cream lately, I really feel like getting an ice cream maker too.

Makan Kings


Wow! Really good looking ice-cream. Need to get an ice-cream maker soon! All these recipes and notthing to make it with.

-Makan Kings-



blueberry ice cream is my fave!! especially with cheesecake chunks yum! my wife mentioned making ice cream lately but my ice cream maker is lost in our storage locker in 92 identical sized boxes! LOL :D so much for that idea! thanks for the recipe! u da bomb as usual!! :D


The frozen blueberries I get are whole, without syrup, so I'll have to give this a try when we get our ice cream maker fixed. I've had luck making different kinds without one, but I don't think it would be a good idea with a delicate fruit like this.


Julia, I've been making ice cream all my life. I really like the cheap electric models available for around $15us at Wal-Mart. One hint though, only fill it about half the recommended level. It comes out a lot creamier. Email me if you would like my basic custard recipe.


Hi Reid. This looks great. I particularly love the color of the ice cream - beautiful!

clare eats

Hi Reid
what are you trying to do to me???!!!!

I am soooo asking/demanding(who me?) an ice cream maker for christmas/bday!!!!!

that looks so fab YUM!
how about some bluberry sorbet?


Hi Oslo Foodie,

You can actually use this recipe with any type of berry. I was thinking of using it with some of the lingonberry preserves I have just to see how it would turn out. If I do, I'll post it here. If you do make this, I hope you enjoy it.

Hi Milgwimper,

It really is refreshing. In fact, I'm having a bowl right now! LOL! I think it's time to make more, there's only one serving left in the freezer. =(

Hi Monkey Gland,

Thanks for dropping by my blog!

It took me a while to dust off mine too. I guess it was because I was craving ice cream, but couldn't find any that I really liked.

Hi Mathy,

It is really refreshing and creamy, especially now since it's summer.

Hi Melissa,

The ice cream was really good this time. I think it was because the berries were so plump and sweet. The machine I have is a Cuisinart. It's one of those where the bowl needs to be frozen first, however, I think I'm going to upgrade soon.

Hi Jo,

Thank you for offering the blueberry seeds. Unfortunately, my apartment is way too small and on the lanai I already have two fish ponds, a park bench and several dozen plants. I don't think I could fit a blueberry bush in a pot out there. LOL!

Hi Colette,

What a funny coincidence. =)

I love blueberries and Costco always has them at a decent price. Last year, I could buy a pint at Daiei for only $1.87 (if I remember correctly). That was super cheap. This time, the berries at Costco were very nice and sweet, so I bought some to make ice cream and a blueberry buckle. I froze the rest and hope to use them soon.

Hi Julia,

Thank you! It's been calling me all day too. I'm really going to have to make more soon. I think the next batch may be durian. I'm not too sure yet though.

In any case, I find that the ice cream maker comes in handy, especially since you can control the portion size and the ingredients that go into the ice cream.

Hi Makan Kings,

Thank you! Sometimes, though, buying is a lot less hassle and a lot cheaper too. I like to make my own though only because I get to eat it afterwards.

Hi Reggie,

Blueberry ice cream is one of my favorites, next to plain old vanilla. Since it's summer, you should hurry and find that ice cream maker!

Hi Moira,

Actually, it's OK to crush the berries a bit especially since the machine will crush them as it's mixing. Usually I mix the berries in before I put everything in the ice cream maker, this time, I put the berries in during the last 5 minutes so that they still had some shape to them. I think I like the ice cream better this way.

Hi Nic,

Thank you. It was the berries, they were very photogenic and tasty too! =)

Hi Clare,

Hmmm. Blueberry that's an idea! I'm going to try and make some...thanks for the suggestion! =)

Yes, and please get the boy to buy you an ice cream maker. If it's too expensive, I'm sure we can find one here for you...right Jo? =)


What brand ice cream machine do you have?


Hi Shawn,

Thanks for dropping by.

I have a Cuisinart ice cream maker that I got for about US$40. It does what it needs to do even though it's a bit noisy. What I really want to do is buy a real ice cream machine, but the one I want is about US$400. I don't think my hobby justifies the expense at this time.


I love home made ice cream. It's so nice to mix whatever you want inside it. Yours look superb and so refreshing.


Reid, Is Cuisinart ice cream maker the kine you use rock salt and ice with? I've never made ice cream and I've been staring at your blue berry ice cream picture for the last coule of days now. I might have to break down and find an ice cream maker now. Where on Oahu would I find one?


Hi boo_licious,

Thank you. I like making homemade ice cream for the same reasons that you do. Besides, it's better because you can make just enough to eat.

Hi Shawn,

Actually no. These days, you don't need to use salt with ice cream makers. The one that I have requires the bowl to be frozen. Once that's done, you put your ingredients in the bowl and turn on the machine for 20 - 25 minutes. After that you scrape the soft "ice cream" out of the bowl and put it in the freezer to harden.

You can find an ice cream maker almost anywhere. I got mine at Williams Sonoma. I think Jo mentioned that they have them at Wal-Mart. Might not be a Cuisinart, but you could probably find one that works in the same manner. I think you can also buy them at Macy*s.

Good luck!

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