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July 16, 2005



Great pictures as usual Reid. So this was just a "light" lunch for you, right? Actually, if you didn't identify the demi - I woulda thought it was tea - boy, drinking that would be quite a surprise, wouldn't it!


It's only when you post gorgeous pics like this that I remember how much a "resort-style" existence you are privileged to lead! People pay good money on airfares to have lunch with this kinda view! =)

As for the duck breast, I always find poultry breast to be susceptible to dryness.

That dessert looks light and refreshing. And good on you for persevering with the outside table!


Ooh I like the plate with the coconut trees all around the rim. Popovers with butter, yum yum.

Nobody would want to sit inside when there is that postcard perfect view outside. Love the tall verandas with the ceiling fans.


Pineapple-papaya butter, that is so unusual and sounds great.

Thanks for the tip on the plantation tea, sounds like something I can make here especially since I love pineapple juice. Lovely tropical breezy background in the tea picture.

Makan Kings

Wow!! Very nice restaurant! The food looks really good as well. Tried the Plantation iced tea. It was really really refreshing. Perfect for relaxing on a hot day!

-Makan Kings-


This post really took my breath away, I have never had popovers but I knew just by looking at the photo I would love it slathered with the pineapple-papaya butter. Are popovers always this dark coloured? This also reminds me of yorkshire pudding. Very nice pics, Reid. I think i will try the iced tea with pineapple juice, that looks very refreshing.


Oooo... i love the pineapple-papaya butter..!! and i would have wanted an outside seat too... after seeing the photo you've so kindly provided. An indulgence that i would have too.. if i were you . ;) the food looks gorgeous.. !

clare eats

Hi Reid, I am jealous, I have never had a popover....
I am going to try the plantation tes!

That view is spectacular!


hi reid! did you know "mariposa" is spanish for butterfly? also, do you remember when all the butterflies were pastel-coloured? those are now on guam :)
i like mariposa a lot, but i would be totally po'ed if the hostess did that to me. also, i rarely remember what i'd had for an entree unless it's a fish dish, which they do a very good job with--the lemongrass opah is supah-ono.


I never went to Mariposa while I was there, everybody told me it was overrated. And the way you handled the table situation is all class!


Hey Reid,
What a great restaurant and wonderful view! I trade in a week in Munich for a week in Honolulu. 20/20 view on the alps vs. view on the ocean - how does that sound? ;)) Isn't it always like that, that you miss and want what you haven't got...


Use to be adding a teaspoon of pineapple juice to iced tea was a trade secret along the lines of sprinkling salt on a slice of watermelon, pouring kitchep on scrambled eggs, using malt vinegar on Fish&Chips, and so on. Moana Hotel in Waikiki was one of the restaurants that that I know of that incorporated pineapple juice into their iced tea pre-James Beard era. I use to cringe when my guest ordered the special iced tea (with pineapple juice added) instead of the Lipton bag version. Because the pineapple-enhanced iced tea cost a kitchen sink and more, which is probably why the staff promoted the item at the table. I guess nowadays restarants are more upfront and call the drink "Plantation" iced tea to make the tab more palatable.


We loved Mariposa, pretty sure you recommended it. I took some nice pictures so I think I will review this week. Thanks for the memories!


Oh that dessert looks like it could fly right into my mouth! LOL I'm so enjoying the photos of the food Reid. *drool*


I'm not big on Nieman-Marcus anything. But I love the "second hand" view! The photo "Off Asencion" is absolutely remarkable! That would be beautiful in a frame.

Oslo, the popover is pretty much the same as yorkshire pudding. I THINK (therefore I possibly am ;o)the main difference is that yorkshire pudding used beef drippings for fat and that popovers use butter. The ones I make are that dark as well.

Reid, the pineapple/papaya butter, was it smooth as it appears, or a tad bit on the chunky side? I imagine it was wonderful. I think I would have to pass on the ducky, fowl can be "upsetting to my delicate sensibilities"... ::snicker...snort...ROARS with laughter::


No wonder you kept asking for an outside table... whoa the view is fabulous!

btw those fans are cute but i wonder if they're functional?


Whoa, I went to Mariposa the same day you posted this! yep, I, too, took pictures of my food ;-). I was seated inside, however, so the pictures did not come out quite as clearly, and of course no Ala Moana beach backdrop! Still enjoyed the beautiful, yummy food though.

Transparent Reality

Hey Reid,

What great pictures. Those butterflies are awesome. I've never seen anything like it. That's a great-looking popover, too.

A great view and a great lunch. Who could ask for more?

I haven't been around for a while - a combination of a failed windows upgrade and bad symantec software killed a partition and rendered the rest unbootable.



I would have made a meal of popovers - simple as that. How divine they look!


So the popover and the demi were free, then? Man, I've gotta get out more. I'm used to dinner rolls and tap water with my meals. Heh. When I was in New York last month, I splurged on breakfast at Norma's. As soon as I was seated, the waiter brought over a little shot glass filled with the smoothie of the day, and I was blown away by what I saw as an unprecedented luxury. Rich people really do live differently, don't they?

Can you describe the dragon fruit? I've never seen that before.


I love it here! The butter is great and smoothe. I also love their lobster club sandwhich and king crab omlette. Lot's of crab!


Hi Kirk,

Thanks for the compliment!

Yes, this was definitely a light lunch especially since I ate dinner about 4 hours later. Dinner was light too.

Hi AG,

The view was really nice if only because we've been having great weather lately. The outdoor seating is the only way to go when eating here, so I wasn't taking no for an answer. The dessert was OK, just too sweet for me.

Hi Umami,

That plate is cute isn't it? I like it too. I'm going to look for some and if I can find them, I'll bring then on my next trip to Singapore for you. =)

The popovers and the view were great!

Hi boo_licious,

The pineapple-papaya butter was great. Slightly sweet and just a little tart, it went very well with the popover.

Plantation iced tea is something that I normally drink. I like the taste of pineapple juice and ice tea for some reason. Maybe it's because it's so refreshing!

Hi Makan Kings,

Yes, this restaurant is quite upscale and the food is normally very good here. I'm glad you liked the plantation iced tea. It's something that I really like to drink as well.

Hi Oslo Foodie,

I've only had popovers here at Mariposa, but from what I've seen they are normally as dark as these were. They weren't over cooked if that's what you're thinking.

BTW...I asked for more of the butter as the first portion was used before I finished half of that popover. It was so yummy that I'm going to try and make it at home. =)

Hi MrsT,

The pineapple-papaya butter is really nice. I think I'm going to have to try making something like this soon.

The food was delicious and the view spectacular.

Hi Clare,

I haven't really had popovers either, they are not so common here in Hawaii. If you do try the plantation iced tea, let me know how you like it OK?

Hi Santos,

I didn't know that and yes, I do remember those colored butterflies. I had no idea that they had "migrated" to Guam.

I actually like it here, but because of the cost, I refuse to eat here as often as I would like. I also enjoy their seafood entrees, but this sounded really good that day.

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for stopping by. =)

There are quite a few people who think that Mariposa is over-rated and there are those that absolutely love the place. I think it's always up to the individual to make up their minds for themselves. Who knows what you might be missing out on.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Hi Oliver,

You are so right, although I really wouldn't mind a visit to Munich right now. =)

It's been ages since I've been to Germany. In fact, I think the last time I was there was during the reunification between East and West Germany. Was that in the late 80s?


I had no idea that plantation iced tea came to us via the Moana Surfrider. Interesting. I do find that it's a bit expensive, but I think they more than make up for it by giving unlimited refills. =)

Hi Amy,

I think I mentioned Mariposa in my e-mail and I'm really glad that you got to try it. Didn't you just love the view?

I can't wait to see your write up! =)

Hi Milgwimper,

Oooh...a butterfly in the mouth?? It was really nice looking and if you like sweets, I'm sure you'd like this. It was just a little too sweet for me.

Hi Jo,

Thank you! =)

The pineapple-papaya butter was indeed really smooth and slightly tart and slightly sweet. Just the right combination of flavors.

I don't normally eat duck either, but I found the combination of ingredients interesting. It surprised me that they all worked together quite well.

Hi babe_kl,

Yes, the view was really nice that day, especially since the weather was good.

The fans do work, but I'm not sure how much air they really circulate!

Hi Naomi,

Still working on your blog? =)

Would love to hear about what you ate at Mariposa. Too bad you couldn't get an outside table. =(

The natural light makes for much better photo taking. Insist on it next time OK? =)

Hi Allen,

Thanks for the compliment.

The popover was delicious with the pineapple-papaya butter. I wish I could make something like this at home.

Sorry to hear about your computer. I've been stopping by your site and wondered what happened. I hope everything is OK now.

Hi Tara,

I could have possibly eaten more than just the two that were offered. In fact, they came around again, and I was about to say that I wanted more. They were so delicious! =)

Hi Ryan,

Long time no hear! =)

The popover and the demi were indeed free and what's more is that I was offered more of both by my waiter.

And yes, I have to agree that the upper crust does live at bit differently. That's why it's so nice to experience it once in a while. I wouldn't want to live that way always.

It's hard for me to describe the flavor of dragon fruit, but the whole fruit looks like this:

I believe it's the fruit of a succulent or possibly a type of cactus. The fruits are sold in Chinatown and I've seen them at Daiei before as well.

Hi Trisha,

Long time no hear!

I love the lobster club as well, and if I didn't order this salad, I would have ordered it. Ahhh, maybe next time!


Lobster club? Fascinating! Is it a sort of "salad" with the lobster mixed with mayo, celery, and the like?

The duck does look interesting, are those sesame seeds sprinkled lightly on top or fennel? The presentation is nice, I like the sprigs of rosemary and thyme... What happened to parsley and sage??? ::rolling eyes and glancing away innocently::



I stayed in one of the apartments right across from the Ala Moana Shopping Center when I was studying in Hawaii for two years. I like this area more than Waikiki beach.

As for your question about our architect dilemma, we found a new one but he was travelling to Europe for vacation and did not tell us about that when he accepted the job. He is back now and today is the second time we are meeting since we first met a month ago. :o(
Reid, if you don't mind me asking, are you an architect?


Hmmm I like sweets, but I am not overly fond it is very sweet. I tend to like things mildly sweet or have a tart sweet taste. But your pictures of the food did make me salivate, and the popover and the pineapple papaya butter...*dreamy sigh* The voew outside the window is lovely, and must have made the lunch a lot more enjoyable. Oh your post reminded me how much I loved Plantation ice tea. LOL when I was 9 I added fresh pine apple juice to my ice tea thinking that when i got older I was going to have an ice tea stand...*shaking head* LOL I thought my invention was going to make me rich! Until later when I got a acouple years older found out that someone had already thought of it, and I had no intention of running an ice tea stand. :P Thanks Reid for the lovely posts and dredging up funny memories. I hope you are havign a wonderful day.

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