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    Young's Fish Market
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    Indigo Eurasian Cuisine
    Yakiniku Toraji
    Sushi Masa
    Ono Hawaiian Foods
    Tsukuneya Robata Grill

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    Blossoming Lotus
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    Bob's Big Boy

    WHEW! I hope to have them done by year's end!

    Upcoming adventures

    San Francisco, CA

    Sydney, NSW, Australia

    London, UK
    Paris, France
    Chicago, IL
    Seoul, South Korea
    I won't be able to visit Korea this year.
    San Francisco, CA
    New Orleans, LA
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Shanghai, China

    Hopefully, some of you can provide me with recommendations for some good eats!

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June 09, 2005





Hi Reid. Thanks for taking the time to document your SF trip for everyone! I can't wait for my next trip up to the bay area now.


If you're going to Seattle next, you must go to Malay Satay Hut in Chinatown. My mouth just waters thinking about it. Always have to have the roti canai. Makes me wish I hadn't moved back to Honolulu.


ooooo so delicious!

*green wid envious*


Hi MrsT,

It was lovely. I wish that everyone had the opportunity to try the food here.

Hi Nic,

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. =)

Funny thing though. If I hadn't started this blog, I probably would not be chronicling my vacations in the same fashion. I hope you enjoy your trip!

Hi Malia,

Welcome to my blog! =)

I've heard about Malay Satay Hut and if I have time, I will definitely try it.

Thanks for the tip! =)

Hi babe_kl,

It really was delicious even though it was a bit expensive. Would I do it all over again? Definitely.

Hopefully, you'll have the opportunity to visit SF and taste this for yourself. I'm sure you'd like it. =)


Reid - Wonderful pic's as usual. The shrimp in those spring rolls look like they're about to jump out and into your mouth! I agree with you, there's a fine line between fusion and con-fusion, though when it's done well, we get to experience wonderful variations, after all I still consider Hawaii to be the home of fusion cuisine. Seattle next, huh? Can't wait....we usually go to Seattle every year and have a blast! Looking forward to your reports and pic's!


Reid, it sounds like your trip was a dining success! San Francisco is one of my favorite cities on the planet.


Shake shake shake that beef!
Reid, oh how I miss that beef dish! Used to have to wait forever when they were located on Mission St. and that was even with reservations! Thank you again for your delicious posts and photos! Can't wait for my own SF return in October. On your next visit, do make time for brunch at Dottie's True Blue Cafe right in the Tenderloin. It's where locals don't mind getting in line with tourists for some of the best pancakes in town. Happy eating!


Hi Kirk,

Yes, those shrimps were just jumping out at me! I'm glad I had those spring rolls, they were really quite meaty.

Yes, Seattle's next. To tell you the truth, it's been a few years since I've been there. I'm really looking forward to it.

Hi Alan,

There was moderate success with my dining in SF. I also consider SF one of my favorite cities as well. Before moving back to Hawaii in the mid-90s, I considered moving to Miami, Chicago, San Diego and San Francisco.

Hi Lajja,

I'm glad you enjoyed my post on SF. When I was in the city last, I wasn't able to eat at The Slanted Door either (too full). I'm glad I got to this time though.

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll keep it in my book for next time.

I hope you enjoy your upcoming trip back to SF. By the way, where do you live now, and do you have your own blog?


Yum! Those summer rolls look great. The rice paper sheet must've been huuuge to make such a big roll.

Shaking beef? Love that name!

Great photos as always. And I loved how you even remembered to take a photo of the "hidden entry".


thanks for all the great postings and pics! we're going to sf ourselves in about 6 weeks, so your entries serve to increase the anticipation. yummmm.

so many restaurants, so little time. ...sigh.... ;)


Hi Jezzjazz,

Long time no hear! SF was fun...mostly! =)
I hope you have a good trip. And yes, you're so right. There is so little time and so much to eat. =P


Hi AG,

Didn't mean to pass you by! My apologies!

The summer rolls were huge and they were quite meaty. They obviously took great pride here in making each dish special. If you ask me, it was Vietnamese and not Vietnamese if you know what I mean.

The shaking beef is actually something called bo luc lac in Vietnamese, though I'm not really sure how it got it's English equivalent.

Pieman? Care to help on this one?

I've had the bo luc lac at a Vietnamese restaurant here in Hawaii and it was good, but not as good as this one. Of course, I only paid half the price as well. There is also a Cambodian dish loc lac (or sach ko loc lac) which is similar. It has a dressing made with lime juice.

BTW..thanks for compliment on the photos. I love those little details, don't you?


Reid - I feel so dumb - I missed all your SF posts. I think i checked in the beginning of your trip but hadn't been back to check since. I added a link to you in my Out the Door post and I can't wait to read (reid?:) through all your local experiences. That will keep me occupied at work tomorrow!



As always, excellent timing! One of Mike's "BeeBuddies" is married to a lovely Vietnamese lady. We were up visiting last weekend and I asked her about making spring rolls and gave them a shot the very next day. I haven't been in touch with her since so I'll pose you a question instead. (Sweet of me huh?? ;o) I had no problem obtaining the wrappers, veggies, or noodles (although I used a vermicilli rather than cellophane noodle, what is the "official" name for cellophane noodles & how do you prep them?) She told me that the dipping sauce consisted of:
3p water: 1p peanut butter (approximately)
hoisen sauce
Gently (I figured this out by burning the first batch) heat this things together, whisking to incorporate the PB as it heats & "melts".

I used about 1/3 c. peanut butter to a cup of water, couple cloves of garlic minced fine and about a tablespoon of hosen sauce.

This tasted ok, but it seemed to be missing something. Got any suggestions?


beautiful reid, very beautiful. if only i could reach out and take those yummy food outta my screen. those juicy plump looking shrimps are just screaming for attention. excellent photos... i'm pretty sure they lived up to the taste as well. oh i love viet coffee... it's very diff. there was one i drank which reminded me very much of bailey's with coffee. there was no liquor whatsoever but i guess it must be the deep smokiness of it?


Hi Sam,

You don't have to feel dumb. We've all been busy. =( Sadly, I hate taking a vacation because the work gets all piled up while I'm gone. Then I'll have to work 10+ hours per day just to catch up.

Thanks for linking my post. I wish I could have met up with you all, but my friends were busy taking me shopping!

Hi Jo,

I'm not certain what the official Vietnamese name for rice vermicelli is, but I can do some checking for you if you'd like. There is a Vietnamese woman that I work with that might have the answer. She doesn't really cook Vietnamese food, so I can't ask her about the sauce recipe. Let me do some checking for you and I'll get back to you OK? =)

Hi Cheryl,

The food here was wonderful and I'm very glad that I got to dine here. To be funny, I was actually thinking of ordering a bowl of pho just to see how it would taste. Maybe I'll do that the next time I visit. =)

I like Vietnamese coffee too, but I'm not sure what makes it taste so good. Maybe it's because the roasting process is different.


Hi Reid,

Would you believe, am finally living out my childhood fantasies of living right here in lovely Honolulu? We love it here! Of course, we had withdrawal symptoms from having to do without some of the awesome Indian and Mexican food from the Bay Area, but hey, we're becoming better cooks at home. My own blog?'re giving me an idea :)

BT in SF

Hi Reid,

Awesome... didn't realize you already had plans to hit Slanted Door. I've never tried the Tofu/Shiitake dish there but looks like I'll have to now.

Hope you had a great trip.

Hey, what's your favorite place to eat in Kaneohe? (any cuisine) Going for a quick weekend on the 23rd and we get tired of driving to town to eat.


Hi Reid,

Fun to hear of your exploits in S.F. The slanted door is at the top of my list for my next trip down. Hey, when your in Seattle you should come on up to Juneau. We don't have great places to eat, but I'll cook you a real nice AK. seafood dinner. Or at least you should go up to Vancouver, if you are looking for tips for Vancouver let me know. We spent ten days eating there last summer. Enjoy, Seattle has some good food too.


Hi Lajja,

I didn't know you were here in Honolulu. =)

As for starting your own blog, I find that it's a great stress reliever and it helps me relax after a long day at work. An added bonus is that I've met so many wonderful people because of it!

BTW...I can imagine the withdrawls you got. Indian food here leaves much to be desired, although I find that India Cafe is pretty decent.

Hi BT in SF,

Yes, the Slanted Door was on the agenda, and I was going to eat there no matter what. I'm just glad I finally got to eat there after all these years. It was definitely worth it!

I don't often dine in Kaneohe, but you might want to check out Haleiwa Joes. They have two locations and the food is quite good. Here's a link to their website:

I haven't been there in a while, but friends of mine eat there all the time. If you want some other options, send me an e-mail.

Hi Paul,

I would love to visit Alaska, but I'm not sure that I'll have enough time. This last vacation was a bit too harried, especially since I was on the go a lot. This time I think I want to just relax a bit.

Thanks for the invite though. If I do decide to drive up, I'll send you an e-mail. =)


Hi Reid,

If you want to drive you will need a boat or plane. The invite still stands. Enjoy Seattle.



Hi Paul,

Thanks again for the offer. I will definitely enjoy Seattle.

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