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June 18, 2005



OK Reid - Tthe Spicy Chicken plate has put me over the edge......need to see if I can book a flight home soon. Sigh, I wish Chicken Alice was still around. Though I have her recipe that was in the Star Bulletin - I can't get the Park's Brand Kim Chee base here.......


Right on, Reid!

I heart Palama market! Their veggies are so cheap (cucumber for 29cents/LB whereas the Daiei next door sells it for 79 cents+) and I love the frozen Asian steamed buns and mochi and condiments.....But I haven't checked out their "snack corner", may be tomorrow =)


what a coincidence, i was just there today. i agree with your other readers to say that i love palama although it has been americanized.
i hope you continue to visit palama and other great places associated with food in hawaii. i shall be reading.


ohhh...I'm at a loss for words. Im going grocery shopping tomorrow, too bad I wont be at Palama.

Hmmm wonder of the powder on the pat ping su is miskaru, which is mixed grain powder, several different grains I think. i love to drink it on a hot summers day! YUm...memories of Korea *sigh*


miskaru = misukaru missookaru etc

clare eats

Oh poor Reid!
Dinner at the Sheraton, how will you survive? :P Especially after having to visit a place like this, Shame Shame Shame =)


Sugoi! Looks like they remodeled. The last time I was there (about 4 years ago), it definitely didn't look so fancy on the outside and have a food court on the inside ^_^ I love their kim chee bar! In Ohio, I have to go to the Seafood Japan market to get fresh made kim chee.


Hey Cindy:

This particular Palama market is brand new and next to Holiday Mart on Kaheka St. I use their new restrooms on my way to Holiday Mart then walk around the store to throw the act like I actually stopped in to shop.


Is this where Gas and Glo' used to be??

chef 'em out

Dude, you are like all over the place, where do you find the time?


Hi Reid! I go to Palama for my weekly bibimbap fix - you won't find much bulgogi in it but for less than $6 it's tastier than most restaurant versions. If you want to make your own bibimbap at home, just pickup a plate of bibimbap toppings (minus the rice and fried egg of course) in their grocery section and go home and add your own rice and fried egg and whatever else you happen to have in your fridge. It's one way to eat all your leftovers in one bowl like they do in some K-dramas where the heartbroken heroine comforts herself by eating huge spoonfuls of kimchi bibimbap because that's all she has in her fridge, rice and cabbage romantic!?



LOL that made me laugh, and it is so true. I stopped watching most K-dramas mainly because I kept getting hungry watching them(and i dont have korean tv...yet).

Lajja is right you can make Bibimpap from most anything, and the bibimpap packages are pretty good. Well I have not been to Palamas but the ones here in hankook and Galleria supermarkets are preyy good.


Great pics Reid!

PS. Nice melons. LOL


Reid -You're right about Meat Jhun - none of the Korean's here in San Diego except those from knows what it is!


Hi Kirk,

The spicy chicken plate was good, but not as good as Chicken Alice's. If you would like me to, I could send you some Park's brand. Just send me an e-mail with your address.

Hi Vegimouse,

Yes, Palama Super Market is quite cheap and the food in the food court is quite good. Try the desserts. That azuki shave ice was so good. I wanted to have it again, but I think once a week will be enough.

Hi potatoeshavetoes,

Thanks for visiting my site.

I'm glad you like Palama Super Market as well, but I don't think anyone said it was Americanized. They sell quite a few imported Korean goods. In fact, the only place that I found that comes close to it in terms of variety is 99 Ranch Market.

I hope you continue to read and comment.

Hi Milgwimper,

I reviewed my notes and it is a roasted grain powder. Don't know if that's what you're talking about, but the flavor reminded me of Japanese kinako. Takes a bit of getting used to, but I like it.

Hi Clare,

Yes, how did I survive that neverending buffet, and the crowds...sheesh! Dinner was with my family and the food there was just so-so. *sigh*

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for stopping by.

Actually this is a brand new store located near Daiei Kaheka. The original store is still there =) and looking as run down as ever.

I like the kim chee bar too. I didn't buy anything since I was going out for dinner last night.

Thanks again for stopping by!



Hi Kirk,

Yes it is...

Hi chef 'em out,

I'm not really all over the place. =)

Most of these places are near to where I live and are quite convenient.

Hi Lajja,

I'll have to remember that. Thanks for the tips on the bi bim bap. I saw a few packages, but didn't pick one up. I'll remember next time.

BTW...I haven't watched any K-dramas as I really don't have the time. I've heard from the girls at work that the shows are quite good though.

Hi Milgwimper,

When you visit in December, if that's still in the works, I can bring you here so that you can shop to your heart's content! =)

Hi AG,

Thanks and hmmmm! They are nice aren't they? =P

Hi Kirk,

I don't think I've found anywhere else that serves this. My friend from Korea said that they would never consider serving meat this way because of the cost. Perhaps you can convince one of your favorite Korean restaurants to make this. I'm sure it would be a hit!


Lovely food..! i'm sure kimchi-jon would love the different kimchis.. :)


Hi Reid,

I've been reading your blog for a while now and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it. Your pictures make my mouth water and I can't wait to see what you post each day! I will be moving to Oahu soon and I've made a list of restaurants I need to visit thanks to you!


foodie20 in San Diego


Uh oh Reid... ::sniff sniff:: I might get jealous if you go shopping with Mils. ::pout:: I wanna go too... ::bursts out in sobs::


The azuki shave ice looks really good! Oh and so does all the other food too...though I'd probably head straight for the desserts first :-p All the packaged foods look really interesting too...I'll have to make a trip there sometime! and, did you say free melon samples? :-D


Wow great pics! I wish we have something like this here! Look at the sweets and gosh, I won't mind some shaved ice right now even though it's in the middle of winter!


Well the December thing is still on, but still waiting for confirmation on Hubby's vacation time approval. I would love to go to Palamas, with you. Next time you are in California I will have to take you to the grocery stores here. :D


yummmmyy... korean food rocks! i've only tried bi bim bap once but it was certainly an interesting experience. have you eaten it before? haha is there actually a right way to eat it? like to mix everything up first? or do they eat it neatly? just very curious. anyway that kimchi bar looks cool... i want some kim chi now... i love the vinegar and spicy kick. your dessert looks wonderful... reminds me of ice-kachang but with much more ingredients. it looks like a fruit sundae! geez, i'm getting hungry now.....


The tidbit about jhun cracked me up and make me hungry! Here in VA, every Korean I've spoken either looked at me like I was nuts or insisted that there's no such dish in Korean cuisine as jhun. Meat jhun, fish jhun, I loved it all and wish I could get some over here!



Really? Hmmm maybe the prounciation is off? One of my friends from Hawaii asked another Korean friend about chon(jjun jhun etc). The Korean friend didn't understand until we went to a korean restaurant and they had it on the menu. Apparently the friend from Hawaii had mangled the prounciation, so maybe that is why? Because I grew up having my halmoni (grandmother) and mother make chon for special occassions in and out of Korea. But usually we just dont say chon, its usually ie Sengson chun (a type of fish chun) kimchi chon. Also it is know by these other words, chonya, chon, puch'imgae, or chijimgae. Ohhh but ths is pretty much from the top of my head at the moment...sorry i blather on somtimes ;>



Mix up the bibimpap, with the spicey sauce and eat eat eat! I hope you get to eat more Korean food, and now you got me hankering for ice kacang!

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