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June 14, 2005



Reid - Is this where Mamma Mia's used to be? Really looks like it from the inside! My God, Magoo's is still around - do they still have that giant square pizza? I once ate a whole one myself (and won few bucks and a major gastric disruption....).


Major gastric disruption? Wow... ummm... Kirk? Can you give us details? ::giggles::

Reid, you are presumbably writing as I am writing. I don't notice any mushrooms. Were the just hiding around that lovely sausage? I hope so! My kids like "Aunt Becky Pizza". Bacon & mushrooms. When you get to us, hopefully our garden will still have a few special items and I'll prepare "coca" for you. Coca is a Mallorquin version of pizza and my favorite combo is swiss chard, onions, thinly sliced tomato. Sometimes I'll sprinkle with a small amount of parmesan and pine nuts. It's exquisite!


magoo's! magoo's left guam in the seventies; it too was also by the university. i think my folks hated it because i can count the times we went there. i was just lamenting it the other day; there's a new pizza joint here that reminds me of it.

my cousin worked at that magoo's for a summer--i think she applied because she thought the manager was hot, but after a couple of weeks of slinging pies, not so much.


very generous portion of toppings, great!


No hoo hoos, call Magoo's! Bwaaahaaahaaahaaa...I don't remember that, but of course I remember Magoo's!


Hi Kirk,

Yes, this was Mamma Mia's and Moose's (after that). Magoo's is still around and yes, they still have the square pizza. I can't imagine that you ate an ENTIRE square pizza. I couldn't even finish the small. LOL!

Hi Jo,

Yes, I think the mushrooms were hiding because I didn't really notice them as well. But I do have to mention that most often times when mushrooms are ordered on pizzas here, they are sliced quite thin which makes them virtually undetectable unless there are lots of them on the pizza.

Hi Santos,

I wonder if the Magoo's on Guam was the same as the Magoo's here. I know that the Magoo's that made it to the Phillipines was part of the same franchise until it was sold off.

I remember visiting Magoo's every now and then, but I think we used to go to either Shakey's or Round Table more (neither one is around). There also used to be a Red Baron pizza in the Kamehameha Shopping Center where I had a birthday party once, I think I was either 7 or 8 years old at the time.

Hi babe_kl,

Yes, they were very generous with the toppings, but I didn't think the pizza was that great. I guess it was the thickness of the crust that I didn't like. I reminded me of a soda cracker for some reason.

Hi Moira,

So what did you think of Magoo's back then? I think the "no hoo hoo's" was used either in radio or TV advertising. There was some other stuff in the commercials too, but I can't seem to dig that far into my brain to retrieve it. *sigh* Old age.....


I LOVE Magoo's! Everytime I go here, my brain instinctively replays the old TV commercial jingle in my head!

Magoo's isn't an outstanding dining experience. The food is neither totally awesome, nor completely bad. The reason why I like this place is mainly two-fold:

1. Cheap beer, and LOTS of varieties of it!
2. The wide variety of people who hang out there.

To me, Magoo's is one of the most unpretentious joints on Oahu where you can hang out with friends, drink good beer, and eat decent grinds 'til late hours. I actually like thier pizza a lot, if only because the crust is more crunchy than most Hawaii pizza joints.

The one thing on thier menu that I always crave, though, is the Seafood Pasta (with clams, mussels in the shell, scallops, etc in a creamy sauce). I swear they must put something nefarious in it, because I'm addicted to it. There's a hint of ginger and/or shallots (i think) in the cream sauce, which gives it a nice flavor that isn't typical of other mediocre "creamy" seafood dishes (such as the terrible Spaghetti with creamy clam sauce I had last night at that Spaghetti joint in the Ala Moana foodcourt)

The only thing I don't like is that it gets REALLY hot here during the summer months (and finding parking is always a complete bitch). I've also had thier sushi, and it's okay...nothing particularly special. You might as well go to Imanas Tei (right around the corner) if you want awesome sushi though.

Here's the PDF file of Magoo's menu, btw:


Hi Reid,

That pizza looks like it had too much stuff on top and making the pizza soggy? When I was attending Chaminade back in the mid 60s, there was a Shakey's on Nimitz which to this day had the best pizza ever! It was called the Public House Special which had tons of bubbling cheese, a thin crispy crust, loads of pepperoni, and lots of diced pepperocinis. The cheese used to drip off and burn your tongue if you weren't careful...M-m-m-m, now that's was a pizza!


The toppings seem almost overwhelming the pizza - I'm all for generous, but I like a balance. And overly sweet tomato sauce is the bane of my existance. Sorry to hear about the salad, there is nothing I enjoy more than a well-made dressing. The outdoor seating looks quite lovely, though - the shade of the fiscus looks quite welcoming!


Clinton - You went to Chaminade and drove all the to Nimitz for Shakey's....Chico's wasn't good enough? BTW there's still Shakey's in LA - and this'll make everyone smile!
Reid - If you're ever down here, the last Farrell's in existence is in Mira Mesa. And I heard they still have the Volcano! How's that for a stroll down memory lane.


Sure doesn't sound like value for money.. ! too bad.. :(
I like my pizza with thin crust.. and loads of topping..! and barely any mushrooms..??!!?? Arrrghh..!! i would have flipped.. coz' i love mushrooms..!! i can do away with the pork sausages though.. but mushrooms.. gotta have..!! hehehehe!!! and no pizza without tabasco sauce please.. ;)


Sorry Kirk,

The Shakey's in LA "is and will not be" the same as the old "English Pub" theme as when they first started out back in the 60s. They originally focused on a theater-like atmosphere resembling the Gay 90's of the past and also the pizzas seemed to have had a different recipe to them. I've never had pizza with so much melting hot cheese on it with a crust that bubbled up like it was brick oven baked. Those were the good old college days where we could eat a whole giant pizza all by ourselves and still maintain our boyish figures!


wow... talk about memory lane... i remember a place i think it was chico's where city mill is on waialae... they had the best ranch style fries... i myself like magoos ... like someone mentioned earlier.. CHEAP BEER and pizza go hand in hand... there is always something nice to look at there too... hehe... next time you gotta try the sandwiches... they are GREAT!!! hot ham and cheese baby!!! oh BTW Shakey's is a pretty big chain in Japan... every time i go there i always run into 1 or 2 everywhere.


That pizza looks good. I haven't had breakfast yet and am dying now!


Hey Reid. Did you know that there's a Roundtable Pizza in the Hilton Hawaiian Village? It was there a year ago. I'm sure it's expensive since it's in a hotel and in Waikiki but I looove Roundtable!

clare eats

There is nothing worse than being dissapointed by a place that you remeber as being good... oh well. at least you know now...:(


OH wait! HANG ON HERE! Clinton... There used to be a Shakey's in the little strip mall on the corner of PCH & Narbonne Ave in Lomita. Next door to the Safeway. Thay had the SAME "Ye Olde Pub" decor & "ambiance" that was at the first Shakey's I ever went to in Jacksonville Florida. (It was also the first pizza joint built in that town.) The Jax Shakey's was built between 65 and 68 give or take a bit. Oh my gosh... I spent HOURS at the Lomita Shakey's as a teenager. My best friend & I hung out there every day bugging all the guys that worked there. ::sigh::

Holy cow... Farrell's? And they STILL have the volcano? ::laughing:: I used to fall asleep at night dreaming of that thing. Never had one, not for lack of shamelessly begging my parents though! You gotta take me there if I ever get your way Kirk!

Ya know Reid... ::batting eyes shamelessly:: I know it's just YOUR opinion, but I like a nice thick crust... ::ducks to avoid a 3 day old malasada:: Shame about the mushrooms though. They really need to be thin or else the water won't evaporate enough in the baking and do strange things with the cheese & the crust. But that doesn't mean they have to be non existent. OH, and the sauce... It really should be a bit on the sweet side for authenticity... ::runs to avoid a malasada bomb::


Wow-ee-wow. Magoo's! Small kid time, I remember listening to their jingle on TV and spotting the magoo-mobile on the road. On the other hand, I didn't really like their pizza!

As a kid, I thought that Chico's Pizza on Waialae Ave was great. And there was that A&P supermarket next door. And then there was W&M...

Whoever mentioned Farell's...anyone remember the Farell's in Kahala Mall? Who had their birthday's there?! =)


Never had my B-day at Farrells, but it always was the Zoo......with those plastic animals inside!!!! And W&M was on 9th Ave, and Zane's Market was there, yada, yada, yada.....And Woolworth's Chicken was heaven sent....
reid - I'm having very disturbing "flashbacks" may have to check myself in somewhere.....
Thanks for the memories.......


shakey's is still popular in manila, i think. and while i know it isn't the chain's fault, i won't eat at a shakey's in la ever since they found the decapitated head of a male hustler in the parking lot of the one in hollywood.


Santos! "the decapitated head of a male hustler"? What other little bits of trivia like that are to be found in the depths of your memory banks? =)

Reid, I don't remember liking Magoo's pizza or not...I think we only went there when in "party" mode, know what I mean? ;-)


Hi Mr_Me,

Ummm. Well, I don't drink at all, so for me Magoo's is about the food. But then again, it really wasn't that great. You're right though about the crust. I actually thought it was like a saloon pilot.

Hi Clinton,

There was quite a bit of topping there, in fact, just a little too much. The crust remained crunchy the entire time though...and no, I didn't eat the whole thing! LOL!

I'm not sure I remember Shakey's on Nimitz, but I do recall visiting Shakey's when I was much younger. Can't quite recall the taste though. Hmmmm.

Hi Tara,

Nice to see you again! =)

The topping did overwhelm the pizza if only just a bit. I don't normally order pizza with too much toppings on it, but I thought what the heck.

I too love a good dressing on a salad, and it's a shame that the dressing for this salad was so bad.

The outdoor seating would be a lot nicer if the chairs and tables were in better condition.

Hi Kirk,

Farrells?! You have got to do a post on that place. I had a birthday party there for maybe three years in a row. My favorite was the zoo sundae. I loved how they used to run up and down the aisles. You would never know where they would stop. But of course it was always at your table right?

Hey Clinton,

Boyish figures huh? After eating a whole pie? I don't think I've had one of those in a while. hehe.

Hi Scott,


I vaguely remember Chico's, but I didn't grow up in the Kaimuki area, so I think going there was a bit of a treat.

Everyone I talk to mentions the beer at Magoo's. Too bad I don't drink.

BTW...I never knew about Shakey's in Japan. I'm going to have to check it out the next time I'm there. Thanks for the info.

Hi AG,

Pizza for breakfast? Yeah! I used to eat cold slices right out of the refrigerator for breakfast. My mother would kill me if she knew that. LOL!

Hi Trisha,

I had no idea there was a Roundtable at the Hilton. I'm going to be in Waikiki this weekend. I'm going to check it out if I have a chance.

Thanks for the tip! =)

Hi Clare,

Yes, you are so right. But then again, I don't remember it being all that good to tell you the truth. I only remember having the pizza here more often than at other pizza joints, maybe becauase it was conveniently located. Hmmmm.

Hi Jo,

I wouldn't say that I don't like thick crust pizzas, I just like really thin, crisp ones better. =) As for the sauce being sweet, I would think it's a matter of preference.

Maybe I don't like the sauce sweet because I'm a bit of a sourpuss. LOL! =P don't have to duck. I would never throw an old malasada at you. After all, they're so good, there wouldn't be any leftovers right? =)


This sure brings back small kid time memories for me too. I had a few parties at Farrell's when I was younger.

Ahhh...those were the days!

Hi Kirk,

Like I mentioned previously, I had a few birthday parties at Farrell's...hey, and I had the zoo too. =)'re welcome. Too bad I couldn't post Burgerland or Tasty Freeze, those were some other favorites of mine. =(

Hi Santos,

Decapitation? YIKES! I wouldn't eat there either.

Hi Moira,

Santos seems to have a very good memory. I think I need to keep posting stuff so that it will jog her memory a bit more. =) She's a wealth of information.

BTW..yeah, I know what you mean! =P

clare eats

Hi Reid
Tag your it!

I got you back!, How quick am I? lol

It is the meme from Nicky at delcious days.
I can't wait to see your post



Ah, the old days of nostalgic smells and tastes! The old Woolworth's battered fried chicken (as Kirk mentioned), the aroma of fresh baked bread from Love's Bakery on Kapahulu, the strong smells of pineapple from the processing plant near Dillingham, etc.(sniff, sniff). There are basically two things people remember the most about the best things in their lives, especially their and music. Food, because it mostly involves family and friends, and music, because it reminds people of that very special place in time of that very special event.


Reid - I'll put Farrell's on my list - I'm sure it'll be fun. You really got us waxing nostalgic with this one!
Clinton - You might remember the name of the Chinese Restaurant across from Kaimuki Park - not King's Garden, but the other one that closed down because of some name/trademark issues, that is now, or was Boston Pizza??? First place I ever had Pork Chow Mein...and just for the heck of it; Tanoue's.....

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