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June 02, 2005



Welcome back Reid! I'm so excited to see my favorite place being showcased that I'm drooling all over the place. Did you managed to eat all of that food? I usually get the other combo which comes with shrimp tempura, meat jun, man doo, and kalbi rib. But I'm not really particular though...I'll eat what you ordered anytime! M-m-m-m-m!


OK - now this is really unfair!!! Man, Kalbi cut the "Korean" way!!! Kim Chee II, oh, the humanity!!!!!! Funny thing, here in SoCal Korean is considered expensive, Thai cheap, but back home Thai is considred expensive - other than Krung Thai - I worked in an office in Harbor Court from '96-'97.......and there are tons of Thai places....


Yums..! drooling...!



I finally found out what gives the meat that nice shiny glaze from a friend of mine. It's the malt syrup they use which is a very thick corn syrup which comes in a long plastic bottle I found at a Korean market in LA. Good post Reid!

Jo Rutherford

::ahem:: ::turning up nose in "truly snooty" fashion:: My Korean style dinners look better than that! ::ducks potential thrown noodles and hides under table::

It's true! I've got mandu AND kimchee mandu in the freezer. "Korean Cut" meat is available in half a dozen places no more than 10 minutes from my house. I'm a "white girl" yet I stock 3 different styles of soy sauce, at LEAST 2 different Asian cooking wines, rice vinegar along with white & cider vinegars, and I have from 2 to 6 different rice varieties at any given time. I will confess that some of the rice is for European dishes...

Reid, you should have just come and eaten at "Chez Jo"! I would have shown you the photo of my then soon to be hubby sitting at a tray table with paella. He's eating crab with one hand, a fork loaded with saffron rice in the other...

I could have fed you the most wonderful seasoned spinach, fresh from my own garden! Seasoned soy bean sprouts, cucumber kimchee, seasoned bellflower root, simmered tofu, bulgogi, kalbi, fried zuchini... Ain't this so Milly?


Jo - Will you invite me....actually have two Korean Markets close by in SD - but the ribs are cross-cut, so have to get extra thick cuts then cut them "Korean" style myself! We have a great charcoal Korean BBQ restaurant - but $20 and up for Kalbi!!! I'll take the $10 Kim Chee special...


I can't stand it're killing me! My stomach is grumbling so hard right now that I can barely hear myself think.


KC II...memories! I always ordered the spicy chicken (really, really spicy) and Eric would get meat jun or kalbi. Man, gotta get me some! 5 weeks and counting, woo-hoo!


Hi Clinton,

I'm so sorry it took so long, but I went to Kim Chee II just for you! I couldn't remember what you ordered, but the mixed plate sounded good so that's what I ordered. I think once before I had the shrimp tempura there, but I really didn't care for it much....maybe that's why I didn't order the dinner special.

Hi Kirk,

Yes, "local-style" Korean places are really cheap, however, traditional style Korean places are quite expensive. Thai food here on average is expensive, but there are a few really good, inexpensive places here as well. Perhaps I can take you to some, or recommend some, if you come back to visit.

Hi MrsT,

It is yummy looking isn't it? =P

Hi Clinton,

Thanks! =)

Hi Jo,

I know.... =(

I'm, I know, that you are a wonderful cook, and I really regret not being able to meet you and Lisa when I was in SF. I'm going to try to come back sometime this year if I can get the time off. I was already told by my boss that I won't be able to take vacation from November through next much for my planned trip to Shanghai. *sigh*

Hi Kirk,

What? $20 for kalbi...that is crazy! *sheesh*

Hi Moira,

Did you not eat anything yet? =)

I don't know if you told me that you ate here before of not. Hmmm. But yeah, if I saw a plate of food while I was hungry, I wouldn't be able to think straight either.

Hi Rae,

Are you coming back to Hawaii for a visit? Well, then, you can definitely have some KC II when you get here. BTW...I didn't know they had spicy chicken...ahhh, shucks! Now I definitely have to go back.


Hi Reid,
I have to agree with you that the shrimp tempura does not compare to the light-battered Japanese kind. The Korean variety has a heavier batter and not as crispy. I also believe that most or all Japanese restaurants use ice cold water and also club soda to give it a lighter texture. But I think overall the kalbi and bulgolgi is the best I've tasted commercially anywhere.


Ah Reid,
Now that you've done Kim Chee II and made all of us salivate on our keyboards...especially me, you've just gotta do Sekiya's next. For me, the food is OK but I go there because of nostalgic reasons. My favorite is the house specialty (which I've heard) is the char siu fried saimin. My wife liked their pork tofu which she said had a lot of taste.


We used to "cut-out" of school, to go across the street to eat a Sekiya's. Than the school started using security guards around Sekiya's......kinda funny now. Me, I'm waiting for Reid to review Bert's - that'll really be something.... :)


Hi Clinton,

For you...I'll do Sekiya's. Hopefully, you won't have to wait for too long! =)

Hi Kirk,

Yes, Bert's is on the way. Should up in a couple of weeks! =)

What did you have their? Would like to know if the menu is still the same. It's been ages for me and I can't recall that far back at my age. LOL!


Had the Hamburger Steak - now honestly it was good, but not great - but the best thing of all is when I tried to take the guys in the office there and a bunch of them said that they'd rather be dead!!!! This was at least 7 years ago though....I also remember one of the guys liked the liverv and onions...but not my cup of tea!

Jo Rutherford

Well Reid, don't worry, I won't stop talking to you! ;o) I made kalbi tonight for the first time, came out PDG (pretty darn good). Mike and Tommy LOVED it! I'm not so crazy about "fatty" meat though. I did make a fab stir-fry with celery, bok choy, and shitake mushrooms though. That hit my spots!


Hi Kirk,

For some strange reason, I think I had the saimin at Bert's. I've had that same reaction too. I have a couple of new friends that are really gung ho about eating out, so I think maybe I'll ask them to join me and see what they say!

Hi Jo,

I'm glad your kalbi came out great! Wish I was there to eat it! =(


Kim Chee II restaurant is great! Now, I'm at overseas and miss that place so bad. I haven't found the food like that here. It's a great food...hmmm...


i used to go here all the time. what memories. my favorite was the chicken katsu. yummy. haven't been back to hawaii for soon to be five years.....


i would like to say a few chee 2 is the best local korean place on the island the food is always fresh and made to order.. ... and if you were to try to come in for dinner let me tell you the line is alway out the door...ask any local in hawaii ...

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