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April 30, 2005



*drool* Creme brulee... my favourite!

It all looks good actually. The mahi salad looks fresh and tasty, and I'd definitely steal a forkful of the lemon mousse pie!

... *yoink!*

*running footsteps fade into distance*


The kimchee steak is pure brilliance! But the dish that always lures me back to this place is the steamed clams. Quite possibly the best tasting steamed clams I've ever had in my life.


Ooo! ... may I ask how is the steamed clams prepared? In a light yet herbie-lemony-wine sauce perhaps?


Hi AG,

Yoink? =P

The lemon mousse pie was the best lemon dessert that I've had in a while. Many times I find that lemon flavored desserts are too sweet. I like the natural, tart lemon flavor. Mmmm!

The mahi was OK. I had a bite and it wasn't my favorite was to have mahi, but it was good. I did really enjoy the kim chee steak as it was a little spicy.

Hi Mr_Me,

I posted a copy of the dinner menu that I got from 12th Avenue Grill, and I know you mentioned it before, but for some reason it was not on the menu. Is it possible that it was a special on the evenings that you went? I have to agree with you on the kim chee steak. Brilliant indeed.

Hi Alsocanone,

How nice of you to join us here.

Don't know about the clams, they didn't have it on the menu. Maybe Mr_Me can enlighten us. =)


Ahh, spot the Simpsons fan. It's what Homer and Bart say whenever they nab something out from underneath someone's nose (usually something edible!).

Shame about the mahi and the creme brulee. Just goes to show you can never judge a book by its cover (or a meal by its photo).

What was the white stuff with the bread? I hope that's not "butter".


hmmm...the steamed clams may have been just a nightly appetizer special or something, I've only been there twice now, but on both occasions, they had the clams available.

I'm not sure exactly what they put in it, but it's definitely not just a simple butter and garlic sauce. It's a very thin, light wine sauce, and based on the natural juices of the clams. Very, very much, in fact, that when the waiter came by to clear off some of the empty appetizer plates on our table, everyone on our table lunged at his hand as he tried to take away the empty bowl of clams, with all the lovely juice at the bottom. We asked for another basket of bread so we could sop up the juice with's that good!

Maybe next time, you could try asking for it, even if it's not on the menu. 12th Avenue Grill seems to be the very type of place that would be happy to make "off menu" items, I would think.

Greg Wong

When I'm back in the islands I'll have to try 12th Ave Grill. Looking at the picture of the outside of the restaraunt I think it used to be a pool hall (if memory serves) with a taxi stand on the other side. Man, I really miss Kaimuki and home :(


Man that steak looks delicious. Kaimuki sure has changed since I lived there....1967-1985.


This sounds like a great joint, Reid. I don't often eat beef, but your description of the steak really bowled me over. And the creme brulee, oh my!


Delicious pictures and descriptions! Nice new banner too! ^-^


I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! The Grill is one of my fav's and I always make sure to hit it when I'm home. Unfortunately, it's not often enough to have a favorite dish, but I can't ever remember being disappointed : ) You can also bring your own wine...


Hi AG,

LOL! I actually don't watch too much TV. Does that say something about my age? And yes, the container in the front is actually butter.

Hi Mr_Me,

I will definitely try to ask for the steamed clams the next time I visit. Thanks so much for the tip. It's a shame they don't do lunch anymore....

Hi Greg,

Yes, I think you got the location right. Most recently, it was the Mongolian Barbecue. Other restaurants nearby are Jose's, Duk Kee and Hale Vietnam. There is a taxi stand on the opposite side, which is where the first sign is. Do visit 12th Avenue Grill on your next visit home.

Hi Kirk,

Kaimuki definitely has changed within the last several years. Did you move to the states right after high school?

BTW...the steak was delicious. You have to try it the next time you're back in Hawaii.

Hi Julia,

I chose the steak because it came recommended. I was really surprised by the flavors, and even though I had ordered this well done, it was still fork tender and juicy.

The crème brûlée was just OK. I thought it could have been better.

Hi Tea,

Thank you. =) The food here was delicious. I'm planning on going back soon, if only for Lisa Siu's desserts.

Hi Rae,

The food here is good, but since there are so many new restaurants in the Kaimuki area to try, I don't know if I'd consider this a favorite just yet.

Thanks for the information on the BYOB. I'm sure my readers will like that. I on the other hand, don't consume any alcohol.


wow nice banner ... very ... Gucci, lol :P


Hi Alsocanone,

Thank you! LOL! =P


Wow,,, Great web site!!! :):::

Reminds me of a thread I started here a year or so ago.

This page goes into my fav web page list!!! :) Kiki


Okay! We're in sync, at least enough that I won't feel afraid to keep recommending some of my favorite joints to you, Reid. Cool.

Heh. "Brilliant" isn't a word I usually associate with food, but it fits the kimchee steak perfectly. The way it blends with that delicious cabbage . . . *drool*.

Too bad they (seem to have) stopped serving lunch. It was so loud when I was there in the daytime that I've been afraid to check it out at night. The noise was my one real complaint about the experience, and I think a nighttime crowd would be rowdier. Oh well. I'll deal with it if I have to.


Wow, 12th Avenue sure has been getting a lot of publicity lately. We lived next to Kapaolono Park and used to frequent Tin Heung and Ed and Don's Candy possibly where Duk Kee and 12th Avenue Grill stands now. Good to see that Kaimuki is slowly being revived after a long setback due to the H-1 passing it by. I'm still waiting for Kim Chee II to be featured in your blog Reid...I'm actually salivating!


I live just several blocks from the place and have yet to eat there. Will try it soon- especially that steak!


I was pretty sure.. i had a comment for this post.. but i donch see it .. anymore.. :(


Hi Kiki,

Thank you for stopping by my website! =)

I'm glad you enjoy it. I hope you continue to enjoy my website as time goes on.

Hi Ryan,

I just thought the kim chee steak was perfectly executed. I'm glad that our tastes are kinda in sych. Any where else that you'd like to recommend?

I have to agree about the noise level. It seemed a bit rowdy, much noisier than Roy's.

Hi Clinton,

Kaimuki has been experiencing a bit of a revival lately. There are still a couple of places there that I'd like to visit in the area and don't worry, Kim Chee II will be one of them, I promise.

BTW...what's your favorite dish to have there?

Hi MrsT,

=( I don't know what happened....



Whenever we visit Kim Chee II, my very favorite is the special combo of kalbi rib (by the way, this is the best I've ever had anywhere), meat jun, shrimp tempura, and the assortment of many side condiments that goes along with the soup. I think it's all under $10 which makes it a good deal and bargain for all of the food you get.


Hi Clinton,

Thank you! =)

Whenever I go there, I normally have the meat jun, so I think this time I'll take your suggestion. I'll try to post by next weekend!


I have been enjoying your blog for sometime and have been to a couple of the restaurants you have recomended. Love the desserts at 12th Ave, had a peach and berry crumble tart with vanilla bean ice cream. If you want to treat yourself to fabulous whole fish must go to Cabanas at the Kahala Manderian Orientel. It is meant to be shared, so bring someone special and sink your feet in the sand. They poach the unusual assortment of fish in lobster broth then grill, it is to die for.


Hi Marney,

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me a comment. I'm happy to hear that you enjoy my blog.

I have to agree with you about the desserts here at 12th Avenue Grill. Lisa Siu is just amazing, isn't she?

I haven't been to Cabanas at the Kahala Mandarin, but I do frequent Hoku's from time to time. I do like steamed fish, so thanks so much for the tip. I appreciate it.


Do ask for pricing on their specials. I tried the Muskovy duck special, got a small portion of a breast, three asparagus, 1/2 scoop of rice for $23.95 + tax & tip. Good thing I wasn't too hungry. I felt ripped off.

The ravioli was a small plate. It was basically a piece of wonton skin over a mash of seafood for $10.95.

The waiter was also snooty & pretentious with that I'm better than you tone of voice and smirk.

The atmosphere is noisy. You will not be able to hear your guest across the table without raising your voice.

This is not a good place to eat and relax unless you're willing to put up with this. It's an embarrassment to Hawai`i cuisine.

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