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March 02, 2005



Ninja sushi! What a fab name!

I like the way the tuna seems to have been moulded perfectly on top too. The sushi rice looks nice and sticky too.


Reid, Reid,'s not good to wake up and see this early in the morning. Now I need a tissue to wipe off my keyboard!


Hey.. Reid,
Looks real yummy..! i've been meaning to ask you .. if you tried the supermarket's sushi for 50cents each in singapore..???
And btw.. the postcard arrived..!! thanks..!!


I'm sure sushi places have been common in Hawaii for quite awhile, given the sizable Japanese-American population down there.

In Portland Oregon, 5-6 years ago, there were only a few handful of sushi restaurants. Now they're all over the place. They even have sushi chefs making sushi behind stalls in the supermarkets, like Safeway.

Penny Seow

Hi there! I love sushi, and these look too good to be true! Thanks for sharing!


reid, what fabulous photos you've got there... can see the rice grains shine like pearls! what's the secret?

grrrr... now craving for sushi, but another 2.5 hours to lunch arrghhh and i just had breakfast haha


Oh, this sounds like a superb creation. Looks spectacular too. I think I'll enjoy it, but sans tuna, cos I don't eat raw fish. :)


Reid! I think these are your "porniest" photos yet...awesome! I miss sushi SO much- will be making myself sick on it if we make it back.

P.S. I'd want more wasabi , too- love that buzz.


Hi AG,

I liked it a lot too. Actually, the tuna is chopped rather than sliced. It has a different type of texture to it. Usually, spicy ahi (tuna) is much spicier than this one was. I kinda like the name too. The shop's logo is also cool.

Hi Clinton,

Why is not good to look at stuff like this so early in the morning? Are you a sushi lover too?

Hi MrsT,

No, I didn't get to try the sushi in the supermarkets when I was in Singapore. I was looking forward to the complete Singaporean dining experience. I wanted to eat dishes that I knew that I wouldn't be able to get here.

Hi Dennis,

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your trip to Malaysia during CNY! I'm glad that sushi is making its way to Portland. Do you like it? We have a lot of inexpensive sushi places here as well. I'm not sure if they have it at Safeway though. I'll have to check the next time I'm there.

Hi Penny,

Welcome to my blog.

This sushi was really good. In fact, I went back the next day to have more! =)

Hi babe_kl,

Thank you! =)

I don't think there really is a secret to taking good pictures, but I do know that the photos come out 100% better if there is a lot of lighting.

BTW...I didn't know you were a sushi fan!

Hi Julia,

This was really, really good, and I did enjoy it quite a bit. Since you don't eat raw fish, you could possibly use broiled unagi on this. I think it would taste just as nice, if not better!

Hi Moira,

Coming from you...all I can say is "WOW!" You're the Queen of delicious looking food porn!

Is it difficult to get good sushi in the UK? If so, maybe you can try making this at home. If you do make it back to Hawaii, I'll take you out for some sushi!


Welcome back from Singapore Reid! Thanks for all the stuff 'bout your trip and the wonderful photos.

Sushi question: where can one learn the meaning of all the words? We love sushi, but we can't get the "special" stuff because we don't know what the heck we are asking for. Typically that isn't a problem because Mike and the boys are more than thrilled to pull plates off the little boats till the cows come home, but I would like to try some of the cone shaped things. There are other things I see photos of but somehow I am too scared to order by pointing my finger (stupid personal trick).

Please tell me I'm not doomed to eating California Roll for the rest of my life!


Hi Jo,

Thank you! It's good to be back. I'm not so sure about all of the names myself and to tell you the truth, I do a lot of pointing as well. If you'd like more information on types of sushi, you can go to the following link:

There's also a weblog that does reviews of sushi, you can find it here:

Hope these links help. Another thing is to go to a good sushi bar/restaurant and sit at the counter. A great way to start is the omakase, or "chef's choice". They feed you what they want, and prices can range into the hundreds of dollars, but the choices are usually exceptional and the sushi chef won't mind explaining.

Good luck!


Hey Reid,

I live in farm country here, about 80 miles north of London, so there's no sushi to be had. I should try making it at home- good idea! Already have wasabi...can get nori at our store...just need one of those rolling mats! I'll be going stateside for the month of April, so I'll pick one up somewhere.

Ha! You can definitely take me out for sushi if we make it back to Hawaii...that would be awesome!


hey Reid
The tiger maki looks so pretty. I think with the raw tuna chopped up like that and mixed with chili (?), I guess I might be able to eat this roll. (I dont eat raw fish :() Love the name of the sushi place, btw!


Hey... I actually went to this place when it was still Sushi Supreme... BTW, one of the sushi chef's from Sushi Supreme now works at Tadashi in Pearl Kai.... :)

I gotta try out this new place when I'm in Downtown... :)


Hi Moira,

Oooh. Do let me know if you try to make sushi at home. I'm interested to see what you'll come up with. I personally haven't made sushi in a long time only because I'm too lazy. If you'd like, I can pick up a makisu (bamboo mat for you) and mail it. Let me know OK?

Hi pinkcocoa,

This looked good and tasted even better than it looks. The spicy tuna is mixed with a bit of chilli, although I'm not sure what kind. Is there a reason why you don't eat raw fish?

Hi Robyn,

Thanks for the tip. Is it Brandan? I hope that's his name. Grant and his partner, Shannon, own Queen Bee in Kakaako as well. I think maybe they are doing better business there. If you do get to try Ninja, try the tiger roll. It's awesome!


this looks yummie


Hi Reid,

Thanks for the offer- I just might take you up on it! I'm not so sure I'll be able to find one in N.C. when we're there in April...I'll let you know.


Hi Moira,

Just let me know OK? It would definitely be no trouble at all. BTW...How long will you be in the states?


Hi Reid,

We're going to be stateside for 5 weeks, first in N.C. and then in Ohio with my husband's family. We'll drive up to Ann Arbor, Michigan while we're in Ohio- I'm almost positive I'll be able to get a mat there. If I don't, I'll let you know and we can do a swap for something you're jonesing for from here, o.k.? Thanks, Reid!


Hi Moira,

It's a deal, but I'd probably want something like clotted cream which is so hard to find here. =(

Edwin Y. Endo, OD

Wow!! Its the best sushi that I have ever eaten. Its the quality of sushi that you dont even find in the best sushi restaurants with great taste, graceful artistic appearance, and various added ingredients that makes this sushi place so special and fun to eat. Its a must place to dine for everyone. But hurry before the line gets too long.


Hi Edwin,

Welcome to the blog!

I wouldn't go so far as to say this was the best sushi (in my opinion), but it is quite good and they have a nice variety. The only problem that I've found is that they sometimes take a while to prepare your order. That can be troublesome if you have only a certain amount of time for lunch.

Edwin Y. Endo, OD

Hello Reid,
I have been enjoying the sushi at Ninja Sushi everyweek for several months now. I still think that for a fast food sushi place, this place is the best. My favorites are Lion maki, Osaki maki and the OLTD platter which I order every week for the office staff. I have been to another Ninja Sushi elsewhere, but for some reason the taste is just not the same. And indeed, the lines are getting longer each week!!! I usually call in my order 541-9797, so when I arrive there, its already done.


haha i work here! in mililani ok so if you go to ninka sushi if you want something spicy get the superman MAKI ITS THE BEst well hope to see you guys!

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