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March 20, 2005



Heya Reid - I love how you brought your camera along to a clean-up! I would've been worried I might've dropped it, but that's dedication for you.

That chicken sounds good. And those T-shirts are pretty funky too!


Hhehe!! i agree with AG about the cam.. hehe!!
Food looks good.. :) did you get some exercise outta the clean up..??

Jo Rutherford

ok, I give! What the heck is a shoyu hotdog?

Loved your trip pics! When are you coming California way so that we can show you some hospitality?


mitsu-ken sounds great! i'll try go sometime.

thanks for sayin you'll cover jimbos :) do you ever do reviews on the more frou frou places like 3660 or sansei? i don't remember seeing any, but i definitely haven't been thru all your blogs ;) thanks!


ahh..shoyu hotdogs. One of my guilty pleasures (along with Vienna Sausages, pan fried in butter and served over rice for breakfast).

I wish that there were Okazuya's that stayed open late. I never get to partake in any of the great places that close early :(


these days digicams come in small packages :p hehehe *thumbs up*

the line starts at 5.30am??? goodness?? who wud queue at such hour?



5:30 in the morning? I would have toothpicks in my eyes to keep them open at that early hour. I personally like bento but not that much! How hard is it to fry up an omelet and saute a hot dog in shoyu? The chicken may be a different story though. Nah, I'm just kidding...I'd stand in line perhaps at 6am for good bento...but I gotta be real hungry and desperate.

restaurant rhapsody

I keep hearing/reading about this garlic chicken and finally went on a mission to get some one day but could not find the place. Is it hidden or just my poor eyesight? Any tips?

Jo Rutherford

::SQUAK:: ::snivel:: I STILL don't know what a shoyu hot dog is! Gotta try the vienna sausage thing though. I adore hotdogs. Natural casings are the best, favorite brand is Farmer John. The best "custom" sausages around here are "Casper's". What is a Shoyu HotDog?


Aw, Reid- what a good citizen! That bento looks awesome...mmmmmm....shoyu hotdog and rice with furikake....mmmmmmm...garlic chicken.....aarrrarraghghgh.
And that's all I have to say about that!


Ok Jo, let me solve your mystery :)

A shoyu hotdog is simply a hotdog that is cooked with shoyu (soy sauce) and some sugar (enough to make it a little think). That the basic recipe. There are also variations. This may sound wierd but I like to add ketchup to the mix. It kinda gives it more sweetness and tastes sort of like a shoyu barbeque sauce. Shoyu hotdogs taste really good in bentos because the go great with plain rice.


Hi AG,

I actually take a lot of pictures during company-sponsored events which is why I normally carry my camera. The chicken is delicious and has been a favorite for years. The shirts are a little day-glo, but only so the oncoming traffic can see you.

Hi MrsT,

I sure did get some exercise. We don't normally have too large a clean up area because we split up into groups. I'm not really sure if our section of the roadway is one or two miles, but if it's really dirty (which it's not), it will take about an hour or so to clean it.

Hi Jo,

It's been a while, hasn't it? Shoyu hotdogs are cooked in a teriyaki-like sauce. I'll be in SF during Memorial Day weekend (hopefully)...maybe you can recommend some places. =)

Hi Stacey,

You should definitely visit Mitsu-Ken sometime. I'm sure you'll like it. As for Jimbo, I'm planning on going this weekend if I have time. I a while ago, but my camera batteries died and the photos didn't look too good. Besides, it's time I paid them another visit.

I haven't blogged about any "frou frou" type places yet, but I'm planning to, when the funds (hehe) allow.

Hi Mr_Me,

Yes, I agree. I wish that okazuyas stayed open later. I think they would do a whole lot of business in the evenings. I normally don't go to okazuyas because I don't really leave the house early enough to make it before I have to be at the office.

Hi babe_kl,

Yes, my digital camera is quite small. I've been using a 2MP Sony-Cybershot for a while now. The photos look good enough on this website don't you think?

The queues start early because if I'm not mistaken, the shop opens at 5:00 am. There are many people that love to stop here on their way to work.

Hi Clinton,

Most okazuyas here do brish business in the mornings when people are on their way to work. My earliest memories of this experience was having to make up early on field trip days and being excited about being able to put together my own lunch. The smells at that hour are simply amazing.

In my opinion, the "line at 5:30 am" is more about the experience rather than the food.

Hi restaurant rhapsody,

If you're not familiar with the area, then it would be very hard to find. I'll stop by and take a photo of the exterior of Mitsu-Ken when I have a chance.

I'm not sure where you are coming from, however, if you are on driving Ewa on School Street, you'll see Mitsuba right across the street from Mitsu-Ken. It's in a small "house". If you're driving Diamond Head on School Street, it will be just a little ways past Houghtailing Street.

Hope that helps.

Hi Jo,

Shoyu hotdogs are cooked in a teriyaki-like sauce. Believe me when I say they are delicious.

Hi Moira,

I'll definitely have to bring you here if you make it back to Hawaii. I promise! I'll even wake up early! =)

I'm sure you're missing all the local favorites....

Hi Trisha,

Thanks for that bit of explanation for Jo. I've been having trouble with responding to comments posted here.... =)

Jo Rutherford

ahHA! I've got to try this! Sounds great especially with white rice. Although I like putting a bit of shoyu, garlic, and sesame oil in my rice so it isn't very white when it's finished.... THANK YOU ALL!


Hi Jo,

You should definitely try shoyu hot dogs, they are really good with white rice. Mmmm. =P

Martin  Murillo

I use to go to Damien, walk to mitsuken every morning. Breakfast Special Garlic chicken with some ilokoi(SP?) juice! I miss it, i hate college food! ahhh i hate your site! makes me even more hungry. ;)

Rissian Aspurias

I love their garlic chicken...its the best chicken i have ever tasted...I've grew up in hawaii and ever since i would go to school, i would always pass by for breakfast...Im currently living in virginia and will be visiting back home again and I will bring my whole family to come and eat breakfast there before we go to the beach...A+++++++++ food

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