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January 27, 2005



Nice weather you're having over there. Does it ever get dreary in Hawaii? The first sarnie looks a winner and there's some rather exotic sounding bread - honey wheat?? Do bees pollenate wheat? maybe they do.

One other thing, that giant notice board - since when did that particular font start appearing the western world over in pubs, restaurants and cafes? About time for a change I'd say. Or is it old in Europe and new in Hawaii? Are you behind the times, or is there something more sinister going on???

FatMan Seoul

Looks amazing, better than Subway!

Interesting selection of bread too, noticed they have my fav too - foccacia (spelling- focaccia?).

Looking at the menu, I wonder what "Mama Boy" is. Let us know the next time u try that, if ever. :o)


And another thing. What's a buffalo chicken when it's at home?

Allen Wong

Wow, that deli looks exactly like an office building. That's kind of cool and funky! I guess I'm just used to the dingy looking places.

Heh, like Fatman, I first thought of Subway. Subway is super stingy though.



Ooh wow, the sandwiches do look divine! Good that you've found another joint selling great food at bargain prices, Reid! I'm curious too about the Mama Boy...:)


Oops, hit the "Post" button too quickly...I've checked my email, Reid, but don't seem to have received the email that you said you've sent. Can you re-send it?


Hi Noodlepie,

The weather here has actually been quite nice...and yes, we do have dreary days, just not so many of them. The rainy season here hasn't been too bad for the last several years and I think we're due for a hurricane sometime soon.

Honey wheat bread is just normal wheat bread with some honey added...or so I was told. Doesn't taste sweet at all.

And yes, sad to say, Hawaii is way behind the times. You should see our roads. They're horrible!

Hi FatMan,

Yes, they do have (focaccia). I like that type of bread too, but the one I had seemed a bit more interesting.

According to the sign board, Mama Boy has tomato, mozarella, pesto ajolii (I think that's what it says)...i think they mean pesto aioli which might be like a garlic pesto mayonaisse. It actually sounds quite good. If I try it, I'll have it on the onion bread...if they still have any.

BTW...Subway is a couple blocks up and never as crowded as this place is.

Hi pieman,

You got me! Anyone wanna come up with a guess?

Hi Allen,

Long time no hear! Hope everything is OK in Brooklyn. This is actually located in downtown Honolulu near the main financial district. There are lots of these small places around there. In fact, in this general vicinity is Mr. Frypan, Teddy's Bigger Burgers Express, Diem Cafe, Quizno's and this place. There are actually about 10 or so restaurants on this small corner alone.

Hi Julia,

The barbecue chicken sandwich was so good. I think I'm going to have it again before my trip to Singapore. Yes, this place was definitely a bargain!

BTW...I resent the e-mail to you.

FatMan Seoul

My guess of "buffalo chicken" .... like buffalo wings except substitute chicken breast for wings.


Hi Reid
Errr....what is a mahi-mahi, if I may ask? I love sandwiches too and I must say that the sandwiches looked so darn good! With all that dripping melted cheese.... oooh! My yoga teacher makes a great toasted tomato and mozarella cheese sandwich too. just remember to drizzle olive oil and some herbs on top before you grill the tomato and mozarella cheese sandwich. it's simple but yummy!


Yum. Looks great Reid. Like Maya, I had no idea what a mahi mahi was until a chef friend told me it was a dolphin fish (no relation to dolphin, but looks a little like one and swims with them too).

I'm intrigued by the taro bread. I leeeerve taro. Not sure about it combined as a bread but sounds interesting nevertheless.


taro bread usually tastes like...bread...just purple thanks to the addition of the taro. this place kind of looks like Bonacasa's at Manoa Marketplace. It gets so crowded and busy during the lunch/dinner rush.


Hi Maya,

Thanks for dropping by the blog!

Mahi mahi is dolphinfish. The fish's white meat is nice and flakey. The sandwiches here are delicious and if it weren't so far away from my office, I would probably try to eat my way through the sandwich menu!

Hi AG,

I'm surprised that there are so many people out there that have never heard of mahi mahi before. It is actually one of the most widely served fishes here in Hawaii. I guess fish is regional, with each region having it's own favorites.

Taro bread is made using taro or poi. It's probably not the same kind of taro that you are used to and our taro bread is purple in color. Here's a link that has a picture of what it looks like (bottom left):

Hi Mon,

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

I've never been to Bonacasa's in Manoa because I rarely go out there, but if the sandwiches are like these, perhaps I need to make a trip out there. Thanks for the tip.


Hi Reid

I'm not sure how common mahi mahi is in Sydney restaurants but I can honestly say I've never seen or heard of it prior (the chef friend used to work in a seafood restaurant).

Yes we have purple taro or ube here. I love ube Swiss rolls and the Phillipino ube cake with cream too. Ube ice cream is yummy too. *wipes drool from keyboard*


Hi AG,

It seems quite strange, and interesting, that mahi mahi is not served outside of Hawaii all that much. But I guess the same goes with tilapia. We don't see it much in restaurants here, but when I was in Brazil, everyone ate it.

Yes, ube is wonderful isn't it? I like ube ice cream with halo halo. Mmmmm. Don't even get me started. =P

BTW...ube (purple yam) and taro are actually two different food items. I am inclined to think that ube and Okinawan sweet potato are the same.

Taro, on the other hand, is the tuber which poi is made from. Here's a link to information about the taro plant:


The food at Queen's Deli is awesome but the lady who takes the orders are very rude.


Hi Shirley,

You're right about the food at Queen's Deli. It is good. I don't really know about the person taking order though, she's always been pleasant with me. Maybe because I order in advance and go when it's not too busy.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Mike Chen

I had this sandwich today! It was AWESOME! I loved it! Most definitely will go again very soon! Mikey


Hi Mike,

Thanks for stopping by the blog.

I'm not sure which sandwich you had, but I'm guessing it was the barbecue chicken. It is definitely delicious and I just had one a couple of days ago too!


i wanted to try this place soooooo bad but i called the place and it says the number doesn't exist. Does anyone know what happened to this restaurant??? Please let me know! thanks

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