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January 10, 2005



Hi Reid,

O.K., once you mentioned Bob's I couldn't lurk anymore. I've been enjoying your writing, photos and recipes and just had to post a comment...I miss kalua pig SO much that I think I'm going to have to try a second-rate homemade version soon. I'm in the U.K., now, but lived Manoa for about 5 years and hope to get back someday. Aloha and Cheers...


Wow I can't believe you had the teri burger AND the kalua pig sandwich! :D I haven't been to Bob's in a year or so, but when I last went I think I had a plate! lol I think I need to go back one day and have a burger. Hope you're feeling better soon. Good food always helps :D


[laughing] reid, when i'm not completely cured of a cold, the last thing i'm thinking about is a burger, kalua pig, and driving out further than i normally would for a meal. still, that burger looks onolicious!


Reid - I've gotta hand it to you, that's ONE HELLUVA cold cure. I've been suffering, but noodle soup was about the extent of my desire. You - on the other hand...


With such a good appetite, you *must* be on the mend! Good to hear you are back on track, and talk about giant fries!!! You weren't joking! I ain't never seen nuttin' like that before! Sounds good though... would ensure perfect fluffiness inside...

The kalua pig looks tasty too.


Maybe that's the new cure for cold: oily, fried food. Get well soon, Reid.


Wow! That burger looks really good. I always wondered what kinda food Bob's served. It seems like whenever I passed by, there were always people standing in line. Thanks for the great pictures and I hope you feel better.


Haven't had a real good teri burger in years. The last one was probably at W&Ms many many moons ago. Would you believe it was 24 cents at the time? Ha, ha...that was way before you were ever born. How time flies!


Reid, You're not alone. I always crave for a nice juicy steak when my cold is almost done. Seems to help get my energy level back up.


Hi Moira,

Thanks for coming out of hiding! =)

And thanks for your compliments on the blog. The UK is a great place to be, and there is a lot of great food there too. In fact, the Indian food that you can get in the UK is probably better than anywhere else in the world! If I were in your shoes, I'd probably miss plate lunches and Hawaiian food too.

Manoa's a beautiful place. Maybe you can come back someday! Take care!

Hi Jupiter,

I can't believe I had them both too, but since I didn't eat lunch... I am feeling lots better now...thanks for asking! And yes, good food does help!

Hi Santos,

For some reason, after days of eating saimin, pho and soup, I had to have something. What better than a nice teri burger! =P The drive wasn't that far, it was actually less than 5 miles...and yes, the burger was onolicious!

Hi pieman,

I was almost cured...just needed a LITTLE push to get all the way there. This helped tremendously. When I was really under, all I ate was pho and saimin. I was starved for days...what can I say? I was hungry! =)

Hi Augustus Gloop,

Yes, most definitely on the road to recovery. I ate quite a bit last night to make up for the days that I had no appetite. Giant fries...yep, most definitely. They were good too!

Hi ST,

Yeah, maybe it is. =)

For some reason, after eating mostly soup dishes, I had a craving. The burger was great though. And thank you. =) I'm actually so much better now.

Hi Julie,

Welcome to my blog!

Wonder no more. Bob's does barbecue. The teri burgers are quite delicious as is almost everything else. I guess that's why almost everytime I pass by, there's no parking in the lot. Thanks for the compliment about the pictures...and yes, I'm feeling much better. Hope to hear from you again!

Hi Clinton,

Time sure does fly doesn't it? It feels like only yesterday that I used to go to Burgerland for their teri burgers or to Kenny's Drive In for the Suzy Qs and Porky Boys. I'm getting all nostalgic now. BTW...I'm not as young as you might think!

Hi lance,

I like to eat a big meal. It helps me to recover faster, especially after days of eating nothing but soups and saimin. Haven't had a steak in a while though... Maybe I need to go have one. =)

Jonny Angel

TWO burgers and fries? Damn!!!


The kalua pig sandwich looks very interesting! Is that a Haiwaiian special? I thought it was tuna at first. ;-)

I love chunky chips and it has to come with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce!


wow it seems u've recovered! i cant belip u actually downed TWO burgers plus one potato in one sitting :p hehehe


I never lose my appetite, no matter how ill I may be. Yet, last month, when I was home with the flu for eleven days (1st flu in over a decade) I could not even walk to the kitchen to serve myself a bowl of homemade chicken soup Mr. C made for me. I could barely stand the broth. When I finally felt well enough to eat something a bit more substantial that water and juice I had Mr. C grill me a black and blue New York Strip with plenty of red pepper flakes and garlic. There is something about a craving for protein after an illness that reassures me I'm going to be all right, if I can eat that steak. ;-)

Not only did you go out and eat but took fabulous photos! My hat's off to you Reid!


Hey Reid, you say that you weren't completely cured of your cold, yet you had two burgers and giant fries? Can't imagine what it'd be like if you had completely recovered. :)Anyway, the kalua pig looks fab and that photo of the giant fries are killing me!


Hey .. Reid.. :)
Everyone have said.. wat i wanted to.. :(
I just wanna let you know.. that i was here.. heheh!!


Love W & M, used to eat there often. You've got me ono for Bob's kalua sandwich, will definitely have to hit it the next time I'm home.


Hi Jonny,

Das right! =P

Hi pinkcocoa,

Kalua pig is Hawaiian. It's like shredded, roast pork. This one was quite good. Sorry..the fries were eaten plain. No sweet chilli here. =(

Hi babe_kl,

Yes, I've recovered quite nicely actually! Two sandwiches and a whole potato is right. I had quite an appetite, especially since I didn't eat lunch. =P

Hi Viv,

Thanks! =)

I like to eat as I'm getting over a cold, especially since I don't really have too much of an appetite while I'm sick. Like you, I rarely get sick. In fact, I can't really recall the last time I felt this bad.

Steak would have been nice too, but then I didn't have anyone to cook it for me. =(

Thanks for the compliment on the photos. You often take really good ones too!

Hi Julia,

The kalua pig was really quite good. I think this could become a regular favorite of mine. I'm not fully recovered, but almost there. I only ate a lot because I didn't eat lunch. My meal prior to this was a bowl of hot cereal and some toast at about 7:00 am.

Hi MrsT,

Thanks for coming along for the ride. You don't need to say a thing. Your company is enough! =)

Hi Rae,

Welcome to the blog!

W&M is great isn't it? I wish I could eat there more often. It's just a bit out of the way for me. The kalua pig sandwich at Bob's is good. This one was the large, there's also a small for people that can't eat too much... =P

BTW...where are you now?


Hi Reid,

It's true, there is some fantastic Indian food to be had here. My husband and I really miss local kine food, though- especially Huli Huli chicken. I think we'll have to make some when summer comes around, along with some sticky rice and mac salad.


I don't know if they still serve it, but Zippy's used to have a great kalua pig sandwich in rotation on their specials menu. Taro bun and lots of mayo. Really, really good stuff. Bob's looks great, too, but give the Zippy's one a try if you can.

Oh man, I'm hungry now.

FatMan Seoul

Man, that looks soooo goooood from over here.

Only 2 burgers and that huge fries??? Tsk tsk tsk .... long way to go before they'll let you into the Academy of Gluttons' Hall of Fame! Hahaha ... just joking.


Hi Moira,

I haven't had huli huli chicken since I was in grade school. No one seems to make it least not the original "Huli Huli" chicken. Nowadays, it's mostly rotisserie chicken. Huli huli chicken, mac salad and 2 scoops rice...ahhhh!

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for dropping by the blog. When the Zippy's near my apartment re-opens, I'll check to see if the kalua pig sandwich is still on the menu. Thanks for the tip.

Hi FatMan,

Long time no hear! It was actually quite tasty if I do say so myself. Me, a glutton?'re close enough! =)


In response to Ray:

I used to go to W&M's when they were on 9th ave. back in the 60's and 70's. They had the best teri burgers..Also liked the Teri-beef king at Jolly Roger's in Kahala they're no longer there.


Aloha! I love your site and depend on it for Supreme Guidance on All Things Food in the City & County of Honolulu. One thing I would like to humbly request...actually five about always listing a "Top 5" for each restaurant? Either by your personal experience, or just asking someone who might know what the "best" is at each location. I normally love the sites that show the entire menu, but IMHO, you've got good taste, and I'll take your word for at least 5 items. BTW, I'm heading out to Bob's BBQ right now and was looking to tell my sons what they could get for take out, so you see, I can only tell them two things. Mahalo!

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