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November 14, 2004



wow, manju i havent had the crispy type in a long long time...*sigh* I envy you! :>


Hi milgwimper,

My you're quick. =)

I love this manju, but sadly, I don't eat it too much as it can sometimes be a bit oily. I actually ate just one from the package with tea this afternoon. I'm going to take the rest to the office for a friend. I'll let her enjoy them too! =)


oooo, How to Use Manju to Make Friends & Influence People! Sounds like a book to me! I'll do the edit for you Reid! ;o) I have had very limited experience with manju to date, but hearing about this crispy stuff and the Okinawan SP is really peaking my curiosity. I've got my "slower than snails" dial up checking out "crispy manju "san jose"" right now. There is only one result that looks like it might be promising. However, I have heard that in the San Jose Japantown there is a manju shop that has world renown. Even that the Prince of Japan made a point of stopping there on a visit at some point in recent history. I would guess that it is possible they have crispy manju?

But now for the question, what precisly IS manju? I had thought that it was azuki bean paste wrapped in different colored mochi (a rice gluten concotion) and steamed. I also thought it was a strictly Japanese snack type food.

How wrong am I?

Now for another question of a COMPLETELY different sort. Category: Pastry
In Spain they make "empanadas" small baked pies. One in particular is called "Empanada de Cabello de Angel" or Angel Hair pies. The "Angel Hair" was a yellow thread stuff and I have zero idea what it was made of. More than 20 years ago, my father & I were excusioning through San Francisco's Chinatown in the area bordered by Columbus, Stockton, Broadway, and Green (I believe). We stopped in a Chinese bakery there that had counter seating and had a round, baked pastry that had EXACTLY the same yellow thread filling. An outstanding pastry with an amazingly flaky crust but we had no clue whatsoever what we ordered and were never able to locate it again. The bakery has long since disappeared in either reality or my memory, I've tried hunting it down without success. Got any ideas?

Milgwimper, what are you doing Monday? Expect a call!


Hi Jo,

Unfortunately, I have no idea about this Chinese pastry that you speak of. It sounds wonderful though.

Manju is actually a steamed cake with a filling of sweet azuki bean paste. From my experience, they can come in all different shapes and sizes. Hope this helps.


BOY! And you said MilG was fast! Yep, the pastry was awesome. I love Chinese pastry because it isn't sickingly sweet like the American stuff. But you haven't had pastry till you've had pastry from Spain, Mallorja in particular. Amazing stuff, just amazing. Anyway, the manju answer is pretty much what I thought. Further question, or a puzzlement really... why all the shapes and colors if it doesn't identify flavor?


Ok i must find a manju shop somewhere in the bay area! ARGH! LOL..Reid I am truely jealous.

Jo: Monday i have to meet school peeps to do a presentation on adaptation lucky me. Also i have to fight with my medical insurance to get my medication so i can get rid of this cold!


hi reid

i love imo manju, but if i eat more than two, i fall into a carb coma!

that empanada de cabello de angel that jo speaks of can be made with angel hair pasta or spaghetti squash, depending on the recipe. i've seen the spaghetti squash variety in chinese bakeries once before.



If you can lead me to recipe it would be much appreciated, you would have made Jo's day. She has been missing food esp pasteries from majorca.


I love sweet potatoes.. and they do look yummy..!! But like you said.. i think they can be a tat too oily for my liking.. ;) but i'll try anything once.. :)


Greetings Foodies! You will all be thrilled that I have "officially" discovered the truth of "cabell de angel" just today. It is "pumpkin jam" made with pumpkin and sugar. That is according to the "official" ensaimada website that I located today. I NEVER had an ensaimada with cabell de angel, but apparently it exisits. Further good news, the website give ingredient proportions and preparation method. I'm gonna try this as SOON as possible (please pass the pig fat!). In case any of you are interested in perusing this this is the address. You may peruse the site in 4 different languages, there is history that mentions an ice cream shop that started as a chocolate shop about 400 years ago and is in business to this very day. It serves ice cream with "quartos" a light sponge cake that is VERY much like the sponge cakes I get in Asian bakeries here, as well as ensaimadas. Reid, my apologies for taking you & your readers away from things Hawaii, but at least it's to another island? ::apologetic grin::


Hi Santos,

I normally don't eat more than just one of these. Now if it were the ones with azuki beans, then I could probably eat the whole package and then fall sick afterwards...

Hi MrsTweety,

These are actually quite good in moderation. I don't buy them too often because they don't taste as good after sitting for more than a day or two. If I had this fresh, I could probably eat more than one at a time. For some reason, fresh seems less oily. =)



I would have to agree with you, those manju are pretty rich and oily. But fresh ones on the other hand i could eat a while bunch. ,then get sick and i wouldnt care ;P )


on kauai i believe this 'crunchy' manju is called piecrust manju. it tastes to me like it is made with piecrust, no mochi at all. yum yum! we pick it up from the little store next to lawai family restaurant. pineapple, coconut, azuki, apple...yum!!


Hi Teri,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I haven't eaten any manju from Kauai, but I'm sure they taste really good. You're right though, these taste more like mini pies than anything else. Since you're on Kauai, do you go to Hamura's often? The last time I was there, I noticed that the saimin broth was a little different. I was told that they no longer use hokkigai (surf clam) to season it.

Erich Ian

Also, go to Sam Sato's on Maui, and with breakfast, have a manju and coffee. Good stuff. More about Maui food here:


Hi Erich Ian,

Haven't been to Sam Sato's in quite some time so....I think it's time for me to visit soon! The last time I was on Maui, I didn't have a chance to visit. The only place that I could go to was Tasaka Guri Guri...and that was great!

Thanks for the suggestions!


Thank you Thank you Thank you!

I just got back from Maui and wondering if is there any place that I can get it. I live in LA but I'll go to Honolulu in Sept.

I got mine at airport. It was amazing. So different from traditional Manju from Japan though. This is so much better.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!


Hi Tom,

Thanks for stopping by!

While this is a great substitute, if you're able to get to Maui, it's much better when purchased fresh. That said, you can find this all over the Islands at most any grocery store.

Have a good time while you're here in September.


For a qreat twist - throw the imo manju in the freezer and then eat it frozen - (because of the shortening) it will not be hard! just a bit more chewy, good texture and won't taste greasy. If you ever ate cold ube - you know what I mean!


Hi Kiki,

Welcome to my site.

Thanks for the tips. I'm going to try them next time!


Aloha from Hilo!

Another place I found in Hawaii to get "pie crust" manju easily is at KTA's. They make the azuki bean filling and also lima bean, which happens to be fantastic. Total yum! They are baked, not fried and so are not very oily, but flaky like pie crust. They go quick, so you got to get to the store early in the morning!


Is there anywhere else to buy manju except for Daiei??

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