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October 21, 2004


FatMan Seoul

Damn! Those look good, esp. the bun rieu cua.

fish fish

Hi Reid, after reading this post, I am thinking of looking for a vietnamese restaurant to try. I never really hv a real vietnamese food. All I had before is the typical Japanese oriented Vietnamese spring roll. :( Really wondering how Vietnamese cuisine tastes like.


Hi Reid, I normally order the raw beef pho but sometimes, just for a difference, I order the combination ones..but most of the time, I dun know what (or which part of the cow)I'm eating. LOL.I'm a bit surprised to see the blanched bean sprouts..normally, they are served raw..I have seen some eldery chinese customer (who don't eat raw food) return the raw bean sprouts to the kitchen to have them for the blood jelly, they do serve them here in Melbourne too, in fact you can buy them in the Asian market...


AT last... glad you managed to track it down. I admire your staying power. This looks great too, just a shame they didn't give you the mam tom - give it a go next time you drop by this joint. i thought I recognised the name of this place. I came across this restaurant here:

Funnily enough we had bo tai chanh last night. Same as the one I blogged up earlier here:

Doesn't look a thing like the Hawaii version though. We also had Bun Chao Tom. I'll blog it up next week - promise. Plus I was out on the market today buying a pumpkin at the root veg stall and I snapped a couple of shots of sweet potatoes for you... you did say you were interested. Will blog it later on.


Hi FatMan,

Thanks! The food was delicious! This is probably my NEW favorite Vietnamese restaurant. The bun rieu cua was incredible. I'm sure I'll be having this again!

Hi fish fish,

Are there a lot of Vietnamese restaurants in Japan? A lot of the Japanese tourists that visit Hawaii do go to the Vietnamese restaurants here. I wonder if they mostly have the pho though. Vietnamese food is actually one of my favorites. I'd have to say that I have it at least once a week. The food seems to be a cross between Thai and Chinese, with a lot of unique flavors thrown in for good measure. You should try it sometime, you won't be disappointed.

Hi Mik,

Nice to see you again! =)

The blanched bean sprouts are served at the customer's request. Since I normally don't like the grassy taste of raw bean sprouts, I ordered them cooked. I normally order pho tai as well, but have them cook the meat. I don't normally like to have raw meat brought to the table for some reason. As for blood jelly, I haven't seen it anywhere here yet. My Vietnamese friend also told me that she won't eat it AND that it's not really healthy for you.

Hi pieman,

YES...FINALLY! It was worth all the searching I did, but it still doesn't look as good as what you get in Vietnam. This was actually a very good bowl of soup and I'm definitely going to keep looking for this when I go out to eat.

I was looking at your earlier post of bo thai chanh, and you're right, yours definitely looks different. It actually looks like a plate of raw meat. I'm not so sure that it's the same thing and it leads me to believe that shop owners here are probably not serving this correctly in fear that people might not want to eat it. I'll ask the owner of this shop the next time I go to eat there. He was very friendly.

And finally...thanks for taking the time to snap some pics of the sweet potatoes in Vietnam...I'll be heading on over to your site to take a peek.

BTW...I just saw that post on e-Gullet as well.

fish fish

Hi Reid, tat's wat I'm goin to tell u. Most Japanese will think of Pho once mention Vietnamese food. Instead, I only know Pho for Vietnamese food, as it is one of the most advertise food in Japan. They even hv instant pho here. I had tat before. Nice nice. Just like the Chinese He Fen or Guo Tiao. :) I will try Vietnamese food soon.


What is blood jelly? Is that the same thing as blood pudding (I think that's the name)? What is it used for?


Hi fish fish,

I've never had instant pho. Hope you get to try some Vietnamese food soon. I'm sure you'll like it!

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Blood jelly is actually congealed pig's blood made into jelly-like cubes. You can go to noodlepie's site to see more. Just click the links in the post to get to his site. I'm not sure that it's used for anything more than giving the soup added depth and flavor. Hope to see you again.


Mmmm the soup looks just perfect!


Hi Jonny,

The soup was absolutely amazing! It's now one of my favorite dishes. I'm hoping to find more variations of this dish at other restaurants around the state.


Hi Reid, again,I'm not surprised to see that luncheon meat found its way into a bowl of Vietnamese soup in Hawaii, haha. Seriously though, I've never had this soup before but now I will look out for it.

I also ask for my beansprouts to be cooked and blanched because I hate the smell and taste of raw sprouts. And that blood jelly, I will not go near it, a little scary to me.


Hi Umami,

I'm not surprised too, but they also serve it with luncheon meat in Vietnam as well! Now that's a surprise. I've never had this until now and it's really delicious. I really don't like raw beansprouts because it tastes like grass! I've never tried blood jelly, so I thought it might be nice to try at least once. Most of the people I talk to don't eat it either. =)

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