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September 05, 2004



Hi Reid - welcome back! I have to say, that burger looks like it was prepared specially for your photo! I've never been to an In-N-Out Burger but the food looks and sounds wonderful.


hey reid

welcome back! i lucked out when the opened the first in-n-out in west l.a. just a couple miles away from my pad. i like it mostely because everyone who works at any of the in-n-outs i've been to has been really courteous and nice.

also, the milkshakes are made with real ice cream (chocolate for chocolate, vanilla for vanilla, strawberry for...), and if you don't eat meat, they make an awesome grilled cheese (on a burger bun), loaded with grilled onions. that's what i usually get when i'm drivin' to vegas....


oh, you can get the grilled onions on the burgers as well!


hm.. i live in az so there are a lot of in n out places here.. and the burgers are pretty good, but the fries.. they feel like powder to me.. i know it's healthy and everything, but it's too dry and nasty


We live pretty close to an In N Out. They are very tasty indeed! My husband always gets the double double "animal style," which means it comes with grilled onions and extra sauce or something. Glad you had a good trip!


Yes, their burgers are the best! I like grilled onons on my burger & always asked for extra sauce for my fries.


Yay..u're back...
suddenly realised that it has been a while since I step into a fast food joint...dun think there's a 'In-N-Out Burger' here in Melbourne..but those pics really make me crave for burgers..will pop into Hungry Jacks this afternoon..Mik


Hi Reid,
Oops, I am sorry it wasn't on vacation you were there in Las Vegas :o
I have never been to In-N-Out, but they're better than Kua Aina's, you said?


Hi Cathy,

Thanks for the compliment. Yes, In-N-Out is probably my favorite fast food burger around. You should try it if you're ever in the CA,AZ or NV area.

BTW...have a good trip!

Hi Santos,

I'm not really much of a grilled onion lover, but I do know that In-N-Out makes loads of stuff that is not on the menu. Normally, I don't even use lettuce, pickles or tomatoes on my burgers! I usually prefer them plain and simple.... were lucky to have an In-N-Out close by.

Hi Ashley,

Welcome to the site. It's unfortunate that you don't enjoy the fries from In-N-Out, but I can see how that would be the case. Most fast food joints normally serve fries that are flavored (McD's flavors the fries with beef), greasy or salty. Do you have any favorite burger places?

Hi Mariko,

Nice to see you again! I never tried it "animal style", but I know that it's fried in mustard (which I don't particularly care for on burgers) and served with grilled onions and extra spread. And thanks...the trip was good, I just wish that I didn't have to work...and that I had more time for eating out! =(

Hi Kate,

Welcome to the site. I think their burgers are the best, at least for fast food. I need to think about asking for some spread for my fries. It seems like there are many of you out there that like it! In my opinion, the spread is like a combination of ketchup, mayo and relish...but I'm not so sure since I've never had a side of it. I'll be going to California in a couple of months and will try this. Thanks for the suggestion! =)

Hi Mik,

I'm glad to be back too. =) I think In-N-Out it confined to just a small area of the West Coast (California, Arizona and Nevada). I do know that the company is NOT franchised so that may be why they haven't spread much further than that. Everytime I think of having a burger, I think of In-N-Out. It's a shame we don't have one here in Hawaii.

Hi Chika,

Unfortunately, I was away on business...and you know how that goes. I did enjoy eating out a couple of times and enjoyed some fresh Krispy Kremes too. I don't know if I would say that In-N-Out is better than Kua Aina. I would say that In-N-Out is more fast food and Kua Aina is more gourmet. I would compare In-N-Out to McDonalds, Jack-In-The Box, Burger King, Wendys, Sonic, Whataburger, White Castle, etc. In my opinion, the best of the whole lot is In-N-Out by far.


ahhh, In-n-Out ... one of the things I miss most about california!


Mmm... In-N-Out. The only fast food burger I like. And I'm lucky (but my waistline isn't), because there's one 2 blocks from my apt.

a copy-n-paste link to the secret menu:


amen to all of that :)


Hi Ladygoat,

Thanks for stopping by. Now that I've eaten In-N-Out again, I'm craving for more....too bad it's so far away! I inquired about a franchise, but was told that it wasn't possible. =(

Hi Avatar,

Nice to see you again! You're indeed lucky if you have one so close by. I'd be eating there at least once a week and would probably weigh a ton! LOL! BTW...thanks for providing a link to the secret menu. A friend had printed it out for me once, but I had misplaced it.

Hi Stef,

I take it you like In-N-Out too. =) What did you think of Whataburger? I think they are good, but not as good as In-N-Out. Have you tried Sonic Burger in TX as well?


I think I may have tried all the fastfood chain brands including In-N-Out and Sonic but my fav is still Jack-In-The-Box..their spicy chicken burger,fries and icecream shakes are fantastic!


Hi Min,

It's been a while, so nice to see you! I like the spicy chicken sandwich at Jack-In-The-Box too, but I think that the burgers at In-N-Out are better than the burgers at Jack-In-The-Box. As for the shakes, it may be a toss up! They're good at both places. =)


The "double double" at In-N-Out is hm-m-m-m...OK...but the best juiciest burger by far is located near Santa Maria, CA. (in Nipomo) off the 101 Fwy. and Tefft Rd. called Jocko's. Kua Aina's rates a close second followed by In-N-Out. But ya gotta first try Jocko's since it's known worldwide by celebrities for their oak-grilled steaks and burgers. Where's the napkins...I'm drooling all over myself!


Hi Clinton,

Thanks for stopping by. I haven't been to Jocko's, but I'm sure it's good (based on your recommendation). Hopefully I'll get to try it the next time I'm in the LA area (which might be soon).



Ah, if you ever visit LA in the near future, there are several places you need to review. Too bad you only have one stomach and not like a lucky cow who has seven...but I digress...

I (ahem!) consider myself an expert judge on several all-you-can-eat places here in LA which I consider excellent or above average. For the premierest Asian pigout place is Onami's in Carson. Todai may be good, but Onami's is one step ahead (excluding the one in Waikiki on Ena Road). The reason is the selection of seafoods and side dishes plus visual presentation. If you're hungry, this is the place to go. Kind of pricey though but worth the trip. On the middle scale, the Grand China Buffet in Torrance is probably the best out of all the Chinese type buffets. The price is $10.99 on weekends and has a wide variety of seafoods including crab legs, oysters, fish, etc. There are alway a waiting crowd out front so what does that tell you?

For entertainment purposes, Crustacean's in Beverly Hills is my choice of choices. Everything is "Fung Shui" oriented and the food is impecable. There is a top secret kitchen in the back where no outsider is allowed to enter except for family members who prepare their signature dishes behind a closed sliding window. Dishes like whole Dungeness crab and garlic noodles are my favorites. Quite pricey but the worth the experience for at least once. What really impressed us was the entrance floor as we entered which was a simulated stream with live fish covered with glass. It made you feel like you were in a tropical environment with live fish tanks everywhere. It's best to make reservations since it's quite popular during dinner time.


Hi Clinton,

Thanks for the tips. There is a Todai in Las Vegas (located at the Alladin Hotel and Casino), so the next time you're in the Las Vegas area, you may want to give it a try.

A new place recently opened called Makino Chaya (located at the old Kings Bakery site on South King). It's kind of like a buffet, but you order the dishes (3 at a time), which are then served to you. Great concept and pretty good food!

I've been to a Crustaceans in San Francisco. Is it the same as the one in Beverly Hills?



There are several Todai Restaurants operating here in the Southern California area. Onami's was formerly a Todai but changed owners and their name many years ago. We also had several Japanese-type buffets here in the past like Eddokko and Amagi (all which are no longer around) but their concept of self-service still continues.

On one of our trips back to Honolulu, we tried a Chinese buffet on King St. and McCully called Chun's but don't know if it is still around. I thought it was quite good but a little different from the LA Chinese cuisine which I'm more accustomed to since I've been here longer. Seems a lot of Hawaii Chinese restaurants still cater to simple family style menus like kau yuk and confort-food dishes with ham ha (shrimp paste). In LA, it's hard to find any restaurant who has those items on their menus. I asked why and was gruffly told that those were considered "peasant food".

Even Hawaii's dim sum is different. For instance, the char siu bao in LA tend to be sweeter and less doughier in taste and ingredients. Hawaii's siu mai (pork dumplings) and ha gau's (shrimp dumplings) tend to be a little larger too.

I think Crustacean's does have another place which could be in SF. They also have a website which shows the interior and decor. We only go there for special occasions because one needs to mortgage the house after each trip.


Hi Clinton,

You're a wealth of information. Thank you!

I know the Chinese buffet that you speak of. It was actually called Chan's and is now located near the airport. The menu has changed quite a bit since the move, so I don't know if you'd like it as much now. Jennifer Chan, the owner, also operates Little Village Noodle House, which was a previous post. It's located downtown on Smith Street and is a favorite of mine.

If you're looking for a local-style Chinese buffet, you can check out Buffet 100. They have a location at Ward Warehouse and one at the Westridge Shopping Center (across the street from Circuit City in Aiea).

For dim sum, you should try Panda Cuisine, located on Keeaumoku Street, one block from Ala Moana Center. I also did a post on this place as well.

FatMan Seoul

Ahhh .... found it. Damn! I'm off to drown myself in some Big Macs tonight.


Hi FatMan,

I don't know if Big Macs will do it dude! I would say that an In-N-Out double-double® is so much better than a Big Mac that you can't possibly substitute one for the other. Good luck though...and happy eating!

FatMan Seoul

Yea I doubt it will give the same satisfaction, but beggars can't be choosers. I don't have In-N-Out here.


Hi FatMan,

Yeah, I don't have In-N-Out here either. =( That's why when I visit the states, I eat as much of it as I can!

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