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May 18, 2005


Jo Rutherford


What exactly is "Bee Hoon"? Is it the dish or an ingredient? I'm interested in "bee" anything.


Oh hungry now, but i must study fo calc. So hungry...I think im dragging my husbnd for i think it si malaysian food after finals on friday the web addy is, they look good...(why do i come here before hungry)... ^_^


Well apparently studing for finals has my brain fried that I can't type or spell. Sorry for the disjointed post...(sigh) I is really a kollege Stewdent no? Reid how did everything taste?



aisay, the beehoon looked lack lustre but then look could be very deceiving!

btw the leaves used to wrap dumpling is bamboo leaves and not pandan as they're too narrow.


haha i believed he used Flash for that (banner). but ya it looks way cool! gives the site some 'life'

jo, bee hoon is actually rice vermicelli. it's a light type of noodle. they have both translucent and white ones. It's rather thin too. Used alot in asian dishes actually...

reid the dumplings look darn good. i love the texture of glutinous rice.. it's sticky and chewy. yum... the meat makes it all better! and nonya 'chang' is my fav dumpling! i think i tried to make it once but failed... it ain't easy to wrap it properly. it takes skill.. me grannie does it sooo well... i do have lots to learn.


... pandan leaves? hahah .....! :P


Hi Jo,

Yeah it does. You're the first to notice and make a comment about it!

Bee hoon is a really thin rice noodle.

Hi milgwimper,

LOL! Everything was fine. =) No time to update. I'm really tired.

Hi babe_kl,

Thanks for pointing that out.

I was thinking bamboo and wrote pandan as I was having a side discussion about pandan leaves at the time. pandan plant died. Must have been the hot weather that we've been having lately. =(

I've corrected the entry. =)

The bee hoon was definitely much better
than it looked.

Hi Cheryl,

It was done using ImageReady. Something else is in the works, but I'm not going to spill the beans. And this time, it's going to be Flash so stay tuned.

This Nyonya chang was very nice indeed. The pork was so flavorful as was the rice. I wish I could make these as they don't sell them here at all. =(

Hi alsocanone,


Jo Rutherford

Do tell! Thin vermicelli huh? When hubby & I were still dating he kept talking of a Vietnamese soup place that served 2 types of noodles (both thin) in it's "combo" soup. One was transparent & the other yellowish. Apparently the place "disappeared" (not uncommon around here) and we have never found another place that did the 2 noodle thing. Could the bee hoon noodles be one that Mike was talking about?

fish fish

Nyonya food is good. I had it once in Melaka. Especially the Sambal Vege, unforgettable!


Ahhh the nyonya bakchang looks soooooo yummy. I guess the dragonboat festival is near!!! I want I want nyonya bakchang! *sigh* Too bad we can't bring in meat over here in Oz. :(

Jo Rutherford

OK, I gots more questions, what does "NYONYA" mean and how is it pronounced? That "chang" dumpling looks great and I believe it is what I was telling you about Reid. We can get them all the time over here. Some restaurant make them once a week, generally you can get them anytime at a bakery. I go to the "Hong Kong" bakery on Castro St where they carry 2 types, one with preserved egg |o{ and the other with lap chong and mushrooms. I like the sausage and mushroom variety :o)

It seems to be something of a "deli" item over here so WHEN (if) you get here Reid, maybe we could go on an adventure along the Avenues in the City and seek out all the possibilities.


Hi Jo,

Bee hoon can be quite different from the rice vermicelli used in Vietnamese cooking. It's thin and almost translucent.

Hi fish_fish,

Sambal anything is least that's what I think! =) I liked the sambal prawns that ST makes...I used her recipe to make some for my Singaporean friends and they loved it!

Hi pinkcocoa,

The Nyonya chang was very yummy. I think it was smuggled in as you are not supposed to bring meat products into the US as well. I wonder if dragon boat is going to be here soon as well. I'll have to do some research.

Hi Jo,

They might be similar, but definitely not the same as these. These are really small and I find them much better tastewise, than the Hong Kong style lotus leaf wrapped glutinous rice.

For more information on Nyonya people/cooking, please visit these websites:

Sorry, but I don't know how to spell it out phonetically. =(

Jo Rutherford

Fascinating! Thanks for the websites. Without a phonetic spelling, I'll rely on my Spanish methods to pronounce it. One day I'll learn to do it properly!

I sort of thought they were different. The filling/rice ratio is different as well as the appearance. But then I've been told that there are inumerable varieties so I chalked it up to that. They look lovely regardless! There are a couple of Malayasian restaurants popping up around here lately. Maybe I'll get to try these delectables sooner rather than later! ;o)


Well your post made me go out and try a malaysian restaurant, and it was wonderful. Ok remember folks its the first time I have really tasted this stuff but I enjoyed myself. my husband ordered Roti Canai, and Prawn Mee, andI ordered Chow kueh teow, and all was ecellent! Then Hubby ordered Ice kacang...I LOVED IT!!!!! *swoon* Thanks to you Reid, and Fish Fish, and oslo foodie...I kinda knew what to choose...Nummy!





Hi Jo,

You haven't tried Malaysian food yet? OMG, you really must. There are so many wonderful things to eat. I heard about a place called Baba Neo which is in Mountain View. They serve both Singaporean and Malaysian food. Here's a link to their website.

Almost everything sounds wonderful.

Hi Milgwimper,

I'm glad you liked the Malaysian food that you had. You should have invited Jo as I think she was contemplating the same thing! =) Ice kacang is wonderful isn't it? I had it so many times when I visited Singapore earlier in the year. Mmmm.

Jo Rutherford

Yep! That's the place that just opened up! It was a pho shop. That's about 3 blocks from Lisa's new house and I'm DYING to go. We would have gone with them but Mike had to disect our car and replace the condenser. Last week he ran over a metal chair in the middle of the freeway. It would have cost nearly $800 for the shop to fix it. We bought the condenser online from Radiator Shack for $142 & change and we had to buy a can of refridgerant for just under $30. Mike supplied the labor (good man!) and now I'll be making him his favorite dinner, fried chicken & mash. LOTS cheaper than the shop even though I might be rewarding him for the rest of the week! ;o)


well Jo, and family helped move some furniture, so we had malaysian for dinner from Baba Neo. We had Popiah, Roti Telur, Hainnese Chicken rice, Cocoanut milk rice, Rojak, Chicken rendang, and Blachan water spinach...and Penang Sar Ho Fun Ohhh everything was good but most people really liked the rojak, popiah, chicken rendang the most, but the others were great too. Although the penang sar ho fun was soupy and we werent expecting a soup, but it was excellent. Thanks Jo, and Thanks Reid (fish fish and oslo foodie)


Hi Jo,

Well how did you like it?

Hi Milgwimper,

You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed the food there. I heard from a very reliable source that the food is quite good there. =)

Jo Rutherford

WELL, to be honest, nothing is worth eating unless the kids like it. My youngest TORE through the Penang Sar Ho Fun! He ate almost all of both Lisa's and mine. He did "allow" me to eat half of my shrimp. The Rojak was the most interesting! Jeff had to rescue me after my first bite with a glass of milk! Yep, I'm a "chili wimp", anything hotter than a carrot sends smoke out my ears! I do try though! THE POPIAH WAS TRES YUMMO! That was my favorite dish! By the time I ate 3 pieces of that and some of the Roti, I didn't have a lot of room left for the Rendang. I want to try the beef version of that. I liked the chicken, but my mind thinks the sauce would be better paired with beef. I really wanted Lisa to get the Prawn Bostadoro!!! It had 3 asterisks and is touted as the hottest dish on the menu. I REALLY wanted to see Mike try to eat that! ::grin:: I MIGHT have been tempted to give it a shot myself. Robby, our oldest son didn't eat more than 2 or 3 bites of anything. =o( It's a stage of course. If it isn't peanut butter, bacon, or pancakes, he isn't interested. That will change with time.

So, I give Baba Neo a BIG thumbs up! NEXT thing; however, is to try fried ice cream, peanut pancakes, and ice kachang at Lyang Lyang (sp?) They have a website but I don't think I'm spelling it correctly so I can't find the address. Regardless, Lisa knows it and it features photos of their deserts and OH .. MY .. GOSH!!! GOTTA go GOTTA eat it!

When are you gonna be here? Hmmmmm =o)


Hi Jo,

I'm glad you enjoyed the food at Baba Neo. It's highly regarded by San Francisco's Singaporean/Malaysian community. I love pohpiah. It was actually one of my favorite dishes when I was in Singapore.

When you find out the name of that other place, I'd be curious to hear more about it.



The place is calle Layang layang it was the place i tired the ice kacang...very good. I want to try the cendol...They opened up a yer ago or so, and it seems to be packed during dinner and lunch. My husband and I went there before the lunch crowd mobbed it, so we could ask as many questions as possible. The good was good, but We only tried the prawn mee, Roti Canai (very lovely) and the Chow Kueh Teow, and those were good, but Im wanting to try some more for their food, and Baba Neo's...There is also another Malaysian/singaporian place in downtown Mt View, but I cant remember the name. Although i remember going there several years back and I liked the food, but the waiter didnt speak english, and we just pointed and ordered...Trouble was we got a mish mash of food that didnt work well together but separately was delish.

Jo Rutherford

Yep, the other place Lisa is talking about is right across the street from the post office. Maybe we can take you when (IF) you come, assuming we don't get there before. Check out the deserts on the weblink she posted! Holy MOLY! Her keyboard is probably STILL drying out!


Hi Milgwimper & Jo,

The link didn't work. Is this place near Baba Neo?

Jo Rutherford

Try this link Reid:

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