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January 30, 2005



Thanks for doing this Reid. I must say I'm a little disappointed. I really expected more from an American hotdog, this doesn't look that great and you don't seem too impressed. Surely you yanks can conjure up something a bit better than this? Although Josh at The Food Section did mention that he thought this was a west coast thing, maybe you're a bit *too* west coast. Thx all the saem:) Look forward to seeing the rest of the pics.


Hi pieman,

I'm sorry you're disappointed, but I really don't find hot dogs all that appealing. But then again, maybe you found this a little disappointing because I didn't load up on the condiments.

We used to have hot dogs that were made here locally by the Maui Meat Co. They were affectionately known as "Maui" hot dogs since they originated on the island of Maui. The hot dogs had a red casing and a distinctive flavor. The casing was a little "crunchy", for lack of a better word.

Sadly, Maui Meat Co. is no longer in business. These local-style hot dogs are now being made by Redondo's. They are not the same as the "Maui" hot dog, but quite similar. Here's a link to the company's website and it's Hawaiian "winners".

Perhaps I'll buy a package and blog them up sometime after I get back from my trip.


Ah brought back memories of an old place in Kapahulu back when I was attending Chaminade in the 60s. I used to go there with my collegues during lunch and pig out on the cheap hotdogs. It was called the Doghouse and had a building shaped just like a little red doghouse on Kapahulu Avenue. They had a menu with every kinds of hot dog imaginable. My favorite at the time was the grilled teri hot dog with sauerkraut. What a weird combination? Also, being in Hawaii, that was the first time and place I had ever heard of a "taco". I thought they were serving octopus at first...but Mexican food was practically unheard of at the time. Even pizza was uncommon in the islands until Woolworth started offering them in the early 60s.


$3.50 for a hot dog? Must be some hot dog! How does it compare to Costco's all beef Hebrew National dog...with a refillable drink for $1.50?


Hi Clinton,

That place was probably way before my time. =) Do you remember eating Maui hot dogs at all? My grandmother was from Haiku. Whenever she went to visit family there, she would always bring some back. I loved 'em, but my mother didn't. She would always refuse to take them home.

To me, this was a better hot dog, but not worth the cost. The hot dogs at Costco are just way too salty for my liking.


Pickled Jalepeno.. hmmm.. that's the first.. i've seen with hotdogs.. ;) interesting.. :)
I would have loved the saurkraut.. :)


Hi MrsT,

If you eat hot dogs at home, you should try them with pickled jalapenos. It was the first time I tried them with hot dogs and I liked it.


Nice pics of the dog! Looks pretty good to me. I think you're always going to pay more for a hotdog than Costco since they sell a million of them and probably get them for half the cost that this place buys their dogs for. I like the Kiosk/cart design. Good review!


Hi Wes,

I like this place, but it's just a bit too expensive. I really like the fact that there aren't nitrates in the hot dog. Costco no longer sells Hebrew National hotdogs which is a bummer because I think those Sinai Kosher hotdogs are a bit saltier.

And thanks for the compliment.


I liked the old dogs at Costco too. By the way, have you ever heard of Trader Joes stores? They are only on the mainland but I think they would do really well in Hawaii. Here is a link to their "feerless Flyer". It gives you an idea of the types of products they sell. I always buy my pizza dough from them.


sorry, here's the link if you wanted to browse in a pdf file..


Oh God no! Most Hawaii expats go to Trader Joe's for omiage (think Las Vegas). If there is a TJ's in Hawaii, then we expats are stuck.


Hi wes,

The last time I was at Trader Joe's was over a year ago when I was in Las Vegas. A previous reader posted something about TJ's not opening here because it wouldn't make sense. Something about the need to open at least 3 stores in the state to be profitable under their current business model. Too bad for us.

BTW...thanks for the link to the flyer. I'm quite jealous now.


Lucky you that TJ's won't be opening any time soon. =) Or at least that's what I've been told.


Ever had an Octodog?
Octopus hotdog!


Hi ken,

Thanks for stopping by.

That website is quite hilarios. I've never tried an octodog, but it looks quite interesting. The kids must love it.


WOW!!! Just hanging out and I came across this piece! I am Mike of The Great Hawaiian Hotdog Company. Thank you all for doing dogs! Our dogs are made from Sirloin Steak. I have them made in Chicago and bring them over. The dogs are made with LEAN Sirloin Steak, Garlic and Worcestershire and that's it! NO funky meat or cow parts! The sauce that made us famous is our Secret Garlic Sauce. Our guests wanted some spice so we then created the Chipotle version. You get your dog with sauce of your choice and then you can load up on all the rest of our condiments at no additional charge. The key here is that the dog fits in your face when you are done loading it up! If you want to do a bigger dog, we also have the Great Hawaiian Smokie! It is a Handmade, Double Smoked Lean Pork Sausage with Bacon in it. It also has a Natural Wrapper on it so when you bite into it has a GREAT SNAP!!! These weigh in at one third to a half pound! Because they are Handmade, each one is a bit diffrent size! If you would like to try the sauce, you can get it at Wholesale Unlimited, Pat's Island Delights, Chili in Hawaii on King Street, Ko'oLina Resort and Island Keepsakes. Basically we are around the entire Island except for the Northshore. The sauces go great on Sandwiches, Burgers, Chicken, Steak, Fish, Sushi, Wraps and Veggies. We even have people that put it on their eggs in the morning! Thank you all again for talking about us! Come and have a great dog!!!


Hi Mike,

Thanks for visiting and thanks so much for the information.

I really like your hot dogs! The price, though, can be prohibitive. I like the fact that you can help yourself to a nice selection of condiments (including cheese sauce), at no additional cost. It also helps that the hot dogs are all beef and are not salty.

Thanks again for dropping by.


Our goal was to keep our prices at $5.00 for our Sirlion Steak Dog with Unlimited Toppings, soda and chips but then the US Beef prices wet through the roof. We had no choice but to raise our price by .50 cents. It's is had to compete with Costco, but our Sirloin Steak Dog blows their Dog out of the water in taste, quality, toppings and we have our famous Great Hawaiian Secret Garlic Sauce!!! If you are not a lover of the dog then Costco will do, but our guests often drive in from Kailua, The North Shore and the West Side just to get our dogs! We are also opened in Waikiki 'til 4 am in front of Moose's for those late night seekers of the Dog!
Thanks again for the great "Dog Talk!"


Hi Reid,

Your hot dog post reminded me of something i watched on discovery travel and living not too long ago. It was a 1 hour special on the best hot dogs ever. I do recall them featuring the Puka Dog It's kinda different from your usual one... for this, the make a hole in the middle of the bun and some of their relish includes pinapple, banana etc... sweet relishes seem to be their specialty.

was wondering if you've ever tried it? If not, do try and post about it! it looked darn good on tv and made me hungry for some good hot dogs. it was so mouthwatering! I dream of biting into a good sized hot dog for once ( those in singapore pale in comparison... they're soo tiny! it's like kids' size! )


Hi Cheryl,

I have never heard of this puka dog. It's actually located on another Island, so unless I decide to go Island hopping, I doubt that I'd get to try it.

It looks interesting though and if I'm ever on Kauai, I'll make sure that I stop here. Thanks for the tip!


My fiance and I came to Hawaii with our combined family of three teenagers to get married. After an exhausting day of trying to find sizes and styles of wedding clothes to apppeal to everyone at Hilo Hattie`s we were delighted to find one of your hotdog stands outside the store on Nimitz. We all agreed these were the best hot dogs we had efver had! Delicious and big and the garlic sauce and available condiments hit the spot! I thought they were better than Costco, and the size of the dogs made the price worth every penny. Can we find these in a local grocery store? Mahalo!


My fiance and I came to Hawaii with our combined family of three teenagers to get married. After an exhausting day of trying to find sizes and styles of wedding clothes to apppeal to everyone at Hilo Hattie`s we were delighted to find one of your hotdog stands outside the store on Nimitz. We all agreed these were the best hot dogs we had ever had! Delicious and big and the garlic sauce and available condiments hit the spot! I thought they were better than Costco, and the size of the dogs made the price worth every penny. Can we find these in a local grocery store? Mahalo!


Hi Monica,

Thanks for dropping by the blog!

I'm glad you liked Great Hawaiian Hot Dogs, I did too...even though it was a little pricey. For more information, please e-mail Mike at mike at greathawaiian dot com. You can also visit his website via this link here. Good luck to you!


Aloha Reid-

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and share with you that The Great Hawaiian Hotdog Company has just been voted Best Hotdog 2006 in Honolulu by Honolulu Magazine! Thank you for helping us spread the word about our Sirloin Steak Dogs! That issue will come out in March and that is their annual Best of Honolulu Issue! Thank you again!

Your Pal
Great Hawaiian Hotdog Company


Hi Mike,

Congrats! That certainly is good news. I've been stopping by the location at CompUSA since I've noticed that the one at Ward isn't there any more. Any chance that you'll be opening another location in the area soon?

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